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The Dark Emperor and Wii Fit Trainer on Find Mii
This article is about the Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS stage. For the StreetPass Mii Plaza minigame, see StreetPass Mii Plaza § Find Mii.

Find Mii (known as StreetPass Quest in Europe and Australia) is a stage in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS based on the game of the same name from the built-in Nintendo 3DS application StreetPass Mii Plaza, specifically the top of the ruins of the Castle of Darkness, the game's final level.

Overall view of the stage

The stage has two main platforms; a larger, flat ground on the left, and a smaller, raised piece of ground on the right. There is a large gap between the two, allowing for easy meteor smashes. Additionally, a caged Mii is positioned above the left platform, which varies at times; it is currently unknown how often the Mii will change, but it is assumed that it will depend on which Miis are on the player's 3DS. Contradictory to this, however, is the fact that some screenshots show the cage to be empty. The caged Mii has a hitbox and the cage can be destroyed, sending the Mii flying into a background.

The Dark Emperor (known as the Dark Lord in Europe and Australia) from Find Mii II can be seen flying around the stage. Occasionally, he will give a certain player a level boost or hindrance, or smash into the other players. Players can defeat it; when they defeat it, they get a temporary stat boost.

The Final Destination variant takes place on a singular platform. The Dark Emperor and the caged Mii are removed.


Name Source Credits
Dark Lord Find Mii II Arrangement Supervisor: Daisuke Matsuoka
Composition: Nintendo
Arrangement: Nintendo
Save the World, Heroes! Find Mii II

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Rescate Mii Rescue Mii (Rescate Mii is the name of the StreetPass Plaza game Find Mii)
French Mii en péril Mii in jeopardy (Mii en péril is the name of the StreetPass Plaza game Find Mii)
Italian Libera Mii Free Mii (Libera Mii is the name of the StreetPass Plaza game Find Mii)