List of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS glitches

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This is a list of glitches in the game Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.


NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are conjectural.

Fall Through The Stage

This glitch can be done in the Mushroomy Kingdom stage. Choose a character with a transformation Final Smash. Get a Smash Ball but don't use it until the end of the stage. Once there, stand between the pipe and the staircase and activate the Final Smash. Then hold down on the control stick and the player should fall through the ground. This doesn't work with some characters like Wario or Mr. Game and Watch.

Bowser Jr. Second Final Smash

During Bowser Jr.'s Final Smash, the player must use the Clown Cannon just as it ends. If done correctly, Bowser Jr. can use his Final Smash a second time. This will not work if this has been used, but it will at another point in battle.[citation needed]

No Music

In any match, it is possible to stop the normal music from playing. This is possible by collecting any music-changing item, such as Hammer/Golden Hammer or Starman, one after another. If done right, the normal music will not play anymore.

Pikachu Warps Through Corneria

Pikachu must stand on the top fin of the Corneria, then up-special in the corner where the fin connects to the ship. If done correctly, Pikachu will warp through the ship.

Invincibility Glitch

If one were to spawn Victini out of a Pokéball on the 3D Land stage and fly to different area while Victini's effects are still in place, the player can become invincible.

Rosalina & Luma's no damage in Mute City Glitch

In Mute City while playing as Rosalina, if B Button is held while falling off-stage onto the road, no damage will be taken. However, the character may be carried off-screen after a while and subsequently be KO'd.

Find Mii, Mr. Game & Watch Glitch

On the Find Mii stage, if Mr. Game & Watch defeats the Dark Emperor while performing his final smash, Mr.Game & Watch will not receive a power up upon finishing his final smash.

Dream Land Glitch

In Dream Land, the stage can glitch and all the terrain will disappear, with the players all doomed until the end of the match.

Patched Glitches

Princess Peach bans

This glitch occurs only while using Princess Peach. In the online mode "For Glory", players are not allowed to use items. The vegetable Peach throws is considered an item, and this has caused numerous players to be banned from playing online.[1]

Note: As of Version 1.0.2 this glitch is unusable.

Giant Yoshi

While playing as Yoshi in Multi-Man Smash, when Yoshi faces a giant rival, the player can continuously use their neutral special, Egg Lay, to make the opponent larger.[2][3]

Note: As of Version 1.0.4 this glitch is unusable.

136-year ban

A glitch in the game's banning system has been causing players to be banned from online play for 4,294,967,295 seconds (approximately 136 years).[4][5]

Note: As of a Patch this glitch is unusable.

Floating Villager

In some versions of the game, the Villager can get stuck in mid-air if hit by Zoroark while the Back Shield item is equipped. The villager returns to normal if hit again from any attack.[6]

Note: As of a Patch this glitch is unusable.

Headless Mii

In some versions of the game, when the player is fighting against The Fighting Mii Team, some of them will not have a head. [7]

Note: As of a Patch this glitch is unusable.

Pikachu long jump

When playing as Pikachu, if using his Up Special and he grabs a Super Mushroom or Poison Mushroom on another platform during it, Pikachu will blast up into the sky. Pikachu does eventually come back however.

Note: As of a Patch this glitch is unusable.


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