List of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS glitches

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This is a list of glitches in the game Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.

NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are conjectural.

Battle Glitches

Arwing Laser Glitch

The player must play as Ness and play on Corneria. When an Arwing appears, the player must jump on it and use Ness's PSI Magnet. When the Arwing shoots, the PSI Magnet will send the laser to the players opponent. This glitch also works with the Great Fox's giant laser at the bottom of the stage.[1]

Bowser Jr. Second Final Smash Glitch

During Bowser Jr.'s Final Smash, the player must use the Clown Cannon just as it ends. If done correctly, Bowser Jr. can use his Final Smash a second time.

Kirby's Inhale Glitch

The player must go to Training Mode, and play as Kirby. Once in a fight, turn the damage up to 999% and inhale the opponent. Then, turn the damage down to 0% and spit the opponent out. The opponent will be spit out much faster then normal.[2]

Lucas' PK Freeze Outside of the Stage

This glitch only works with Lucas when he performs PK Freeze outside of a stage. The glitch will freeze Lucas in his PK Freeze pose.

Permanent Invincibility

If one were to spawn Victini out of a Poké Ball on the 3D Land stage and fly to different area while Victini's effects are still in place, the player can become invincible for the rest of the match.

Powerless Mr. Game & Watch

On the Find Mii stage, if Mr. Game & Watch defeats the Dark Emperor while performing his Final Smash, Mr. Game & Watch will not receive a power up upon finishing his Final Smash.

Rosalina on the Road

In Mute City while playing as Rosalina, if B Button is held while falling off-stage onto the road, no damage will be taken. However, the character may be carried off-screen after a while and subsequently be KO'ed.[3][4]

Terrain Glitches

Dream Land Terrain Glitch

In Dream Land, the stage can glitch and all the terrain will disappear, with the players all doomed until the end of the match.[5]

Inside Green Hill Zone Glitch

The player must play as Jigglypuff or Wario on Green Hill Zone, and use their Final Smash (Puff Up and Wario-Man respectively) while part of the stage is destroyed. If done at the right time, the part of the stage that was destroyed will regenerate, with the player now under the stage. However, the player will soon fall to the bottom of the stage, being KO'ed in the process.

Through Balloon Fight Glitch

Sometimes on Balloon Fight, the fish can grab the player on the sides of the stage. This effect appears to be random.[6]

Through Mushroomy Kingdom Glitch

This glitch can be done in the Mushroomy Kingdom stage. Choose a character with a transformation Final Smash. Get a Smash Ball but don't use it until the end of the stage. Once there, stand between the pipe and the staircase and activate the Final Smash. Then hold down on the control stick and the player should fall through the ground. This doesn't work with some characters like Wario or Mr. Game and Watch.

Through the Great Fox

Pikachu must stand on the top fin of the Great Fox on Corneria, then up-special in the corner where the fin connects to the ship. If done correctly, Pikachu will warp through the ship.

Misc Glitches

Jigglypuff Giant Smoke Glitch

The player must go into Training Mode as Jigglypuff and begin using her Final Smash, Puff Up. Near the end of it, they must turn the damage up to 999%. If done correctly, once Jigglypuff goes back to normal size, the smoke stays giant.[7]

No Music

In any match, it is possible to stop the normal music from playing. This is possible by collecting any music-changing item, such as Hammer, Golden Hammer or Starman, one after another. If done right, the normal music will not play anymore.

Out of Bounds Camera Glitch

The player has to enter Training Mode as Jigglypuff. The player can pick any stage for this glitch. The camera must also be zoomed in. Once that is done, the player must grab a Smash Ball, float until they are no longer onscreen, and use Puff Up. The camera will zoom out much more then intended, letting the player see things they are not normally allowed to see.[8]


The player must go to the Pac-Maze stage in Training mode, while playing as Kirby or Jigglypuff. Once there, they must choose zoom on the camera. If they start floating or touch a Poison Mushroom, they are able to see inside Kirby/Jigglypuff.[9]

Patched Glitches

As of patches, these glitches are impossible to perform.

Princess Peach bans (Patched in Version 1.0.2)

This glitch occurs only while using Princess Peach. In the online mode "For Glory", players are not allowed to use items. The vegetable Peach throws is considered an item, and this has caused numerous players to be banned from playing online.[10]

Flying Wario (Patched in Version 1.0.4)

In Version 1.0 3, it is possible for Wario to change the direction of his momentum after getting hit by certain moves. To perform the action, hold the up button when Wario is sent flying. Then push the direction the player want to go after the hitstun goes away.[11]

Giant Yoshi (Patched in Version 1.0.4)

While playing as Yoshi in Multi-Man Smash, when Yoshi faces a giant rival, the player can continuously use their standard special, Egg Lay, to make the opponent larger.[12][13]

Mewtwo Custom Moves Glitch (Patched in Version 1.0.7)

Prior to update 1.0.7, it was possible to access glitched versions of Mewtwo's custom moves via a glitch involving shared Mii Fighters. Most of these crash the game, with the exception of both variations of Confusion, a non-functional version of Disable that renders Mewtwo helpless, and a version of Disable which zooms the camera in on Mewtwo and temporarily slows down time, all of which have limited functionality. While no DLC characters have custom moves, the existence of these show that custom DLC moves could have been planned. While the glitch was removed by update 1.0.7, it was still possible to view replays containing these special moves prior to update 1.0.8.[14]

Online Mewtwo Glitch (Patched in Version 1.0.7)

In the version 1.0.6 patch, if the player created Global Smash Power data for Mewtwo, they will be unable to access online modes, since the data is interpreted by the game as invalid.[15]

Diddy Kong Immune Grab (Patched in Version 1.1.2)

The player must play as Diddy Kong, and by holding the shield, when the opponent hits them, they must press up multiple times, let go of the shield button, and then allow Diddy Kong to be hit twice. This makes Diddy Kong immune from a grabbing attack (as well as being immune from other moves such Wario's Chomp, Kirby's & King Dedede's Inhale, and Yoshi's Tongue). The glitch disappears if Diddy Kong is KO'ed. This glitch first appeared in the 1.1.1 patch, but was fixed in the 1.1.2 patch.

136-year ban

A glitch in the game's banning system has been causing players to be banned from online play for 4,294,967,295 seconds (approximately 136 years).[16][17]

Bowser's Second Set of Claws

If the player gets a Super Mushroom as Bowser, then holds and throws a Crate, Bowser has a second set of claws on the hand facing the screen. This effect lasts for the entire battle.

Corrupt Master Hand

In some versions of the game, once the player reaches Master Hand, he becomes stuck in the middle of the stage. Master Hand is unable to do anything, and the player is unable to damage him.[18]

Floating Character

It is possible the player can get stuck in mid-air if hit by Zoroark while the Back Shield item is equipped. The player's character returns to normal if hit again from any attack.[19]

Flying Pikachu

When playing as Pikachu, if using its Up Special and it grabs a Super Mushroom or Poison Mushroom on another platform during it, Pikachu will blast up into the sky. Pikachu does eventually come back however.

Headless Mii

In some versions of the game, when the player is fighting against the Fighting Mii Team, some of them will not have a head.[20]


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