List of Luigi's Mansion 3 glitches

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This is a list of glitches in Luigi's Mansion 3.


NOTE: All names are conjectural unless otherwise specified.

Active Toad Painting After Boss

In The Great Stage, it is possible for the Toad painting to reactivate long after the boss has been defeated, with the Toad appearing in the picture despite also being safe in E Gadd's lab. If this happens, trying to free the Toad with the Dark-Light Device will just cause it to vanish from the picture.[1]

Boo Softlock

If the music is not playing, making the Boo appear by examining its hiding spot will sometimes cause the found jingle to play, but the actual Boo will not appear, nor will its quote play beforehand. This leaves the game softlocked, since Luigi and Gooigi can only move when the Boo intro scene has finished playing, and they cannot exit the room without moving. They can enter E Gadd's Lab in this state, however.[2]

Circling E. Gadd Glitch

On rare occasions, after freeing him with the Dark-Light Device, E. Gadd will immediately begin to circle around a specific spot. While in this state, he will not follow the player while in the room. The glitch will end either if the player waits for a little while or leaves the room. The cause of the glitch is still unknown.[3]

E. Gadd T-Pose

E. Gadd T-pose bug in Luigi's Mansion 3
E. Gadd T-posing

Sometimes when calling the E. Gadd Hotline, E. Gadd will be in a T-pose for a frame.

Elevator/Plunger Impaired Movement

If Luigi exits the elevator holding a plunger shot, the plunger will vanish. After this, Luigi will be unable to aim up or down while using the flashlight or sucking/blowing with the Poltergust. Notably, Luigi will still be able to turn left or right. To regain normal mobility, the player must simply shoot another plunger.

Fitness Room Glitch

In the room with two Hammers (one with punching gloves and the other with weights), the player can sneak past them. Once the player comes through the door, they must walk down and to the left until they come to the doorway. If the Hammers are triggered at this point, the doors will all be barricaded and the player will be unable to continue.

Floating egg glitch

During the Ug boss fight, the destroyed Pterodactyl fossil may not drop the egg, making it float in the air. The egg can't be absorbed by the Poltergust G-00. How this happens is still unknown.[4]

Great Stage Backstage area bugs

Ghost Immunity

On other occasions however, Luigi can go backstage in the ghost battle in said room. If this is the case, then the ghosts will be unable to reach him, since they get stopped like there's an invisible wall in the way. Luigi can pull ghosts to this area with the Poltergust, but if he lets them go/they escape the tether, they'll immediately get warped back to the main stage area instead.

Invisible Wall in Theatre

Sometimes, if Luigi uses the Suction Shot to demolish the back wall of the main theatre area in the Great Stage, then returns when ghosts are present in the area, it will be impossible for him to reach the backstage area with the TV, since there'll be an invisible wall in the way. If this is the case, this wall will stay even if Luigi exits and re enters the area, or the ghosts are defeated.

No Boo Music

On certain occasions, the music usually played when a Boo is present in a room does not play. This makes it difficult to track down said Boo without buying a radar from E Gadd.

Punching Bag Sound Overlap

On the 13th Floor, Fitness Center, in the Weight Room, there is a punching bag that sometimes plays its hit sound multiple times at once when struck with a boxing glove creating a jarring sound.[5][6]

Gooigi Push

With Luigi, the player must position himself at the ends of a wall and have Luigi use the Poltergust G-00. Taking out Gooigi, the player must place a plunger on Luigi's head and vacuum him up with Gooigi, then Gooigi has to scare Luigi and quickly move Gooigi to push Luigi. If successful, Gooigi will push Luigi through the wall and put Luigi out of bounds.[7] The player can use this to skip floor 6, among other floors.[8]

ScareScraper glitches

Ongoing Bomb Ticking

During the Boolossus battle, when the bombs are being launched back into Boolossus's mouth and a bomb is about to explode, the bomb will make an ongoing ticking sound. The bomb cannot be interacted with or picked up while the glitch is in effect. The bomb will then explode and end the glitch upon the next round of bombs.[9]

Toad falling through floor

Sometimes during the "Find the Toads!" event, after two players clear a room with Toad and another player tries to suck him up with their Poltergust G-00 right before he stops panicking, Toad will continuously fall through the floor. He will still be able to follow the player when he keeps reappearing. The player can fix this glitch by timing the suction of Poltergust G-00, though it is rather precise.[10]

Unbeatable Boolossus Battle

On rare occasions during the battle with Boolossus, after it explodes and Boos fall down and stunned, one Boo may be unable to be slammed on the ground and freeze in place. This causes the Boolossus battle to be unbeatable and also unknown how it happens.[11]

Carpet Trap Crash

During a ScareScraper game, the player must tug a Carpet Trap with the Poltergust, followed by the player summoning Gooigi to move him to the carpet while it is being tugged. The player must then store Gooigi back to the Poltergust while Luigi is still tugging the carpet. Though the glitch does not always work, the game will crash to the console's home menu.

Twisted Suites Crash

Warning! Performing this action may corrupt your game's save file.

It is possible to cause the game to crash to the home menu if Luigi shoots a fish into the rabbit cage in the Trainer's Room in Twisted Suites.

Patched glitches

NOTE: As of these patches, performing these glitches is impossible.

Polterpup stuck on Luigi (version 1.0.0 only)

Warning! Performing this action may corrupt your game's save file.

At the beginning of the game after defeating Goobs in the Grand Lobby floor, a cutscene shows Polterpup going up the stairs to where the player collects the key; however, in version 1.0.0, a glitch occurs where after the player captures the last Goob and Polterpup appears at the last moment teaching the player how to capture ghosts, he gets stuck on Luigi. This prevents him from using Burst to progress, and if the game is saved automatically, the save file becomes softlocked and must be erased to start over.[12]