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The Poltergust G-00 throwing a plunger at a Goob on the second floor, hence Suction Shot.
Floor 2
Boss Chef Soulfflé
Boo Booigi

The Mezzanine is the second floor of The Last Resort in Luigi's Mansion 3. Luigi can access it by climbing the stairs in the Grand Lobby after he obtains the Poltergust G-00. During this first visit, Luigi is only able to explore the west half of the Mezzanine. Inside the Ballroom, Luigi finds Professor E. Gadd trapped in a painting. In order to free him, he needs to find the Dark-Light Device, which is locked inside the Storage Room.

Later, after learning about the Suction Shot from Professor Elvin Gadd just before fighting Chambrea, Luigi can explore the east half, but Chef Soulfflé and the dining Goobs will not appear until Kruller has been captured and the elevator button at the Hotel Shops has been obtained. After using the Suction Shot to remove the sign blocking the door to the east section of the hallway, Polterpup leads Luigi to the Restaurant. Upon entering, he encounters some Goobs fighting over a baguette. Luigi unsuccessfully tries to sneak past them and is forced to fight the ghosts. After capturing all of them, he can head into the Kitchen, where Chef Soulfflé's cooking is filling the room with smoke. Luigi and Gooigi must team up to suck up the smoke. This angers the chef, prompting him to attack Luigi. After capturing the chef, he will drop the elevator button that grants access to The Great Stage. However, before Luigi can grab it, a mouse takes it and swallows it.

The mouse runs back to a mouse hole in the Restaurant. Luigi needs to lure it out with cheese. After beating the mouse, another one will swallow the elevator button and run off. It flees into the Entertainment Room, where it hides behind some lockers. However, when Luigi attempts to approach the lockers, he is attacked by a pair of Oozers, this being their first appearance in the game. Once the Oozers have been captured, Luigi can use the Suction Shot to break the lockers and flush out the mouse, which runs away again. This time it heads for the Restrooms. The door to the restroom on the left is blocked so Luigi must enter the one on the right. Removing a grate with the Suction Shot reveals a pipe that Gooigi can go through to reach the restroom on the left where the mouse is. After opening the middle stall, Gooigi finds a pile of mice on the toilet, including the one that swallowed the button. After retrieving the button, Luigi can finally bring it to the elevator and access the fourth floor. Upon doing so, Professor E. Gadd will prompt Luigi to return to the lab in order to introduce the Shopping Network and add a feature to the Poltergust G-00 that allows it to detect Boos.


Name Image Gem availability Boo availability
Lobby Luigi walking in the Grand Lobby in Luigi's Mansion 3 No No
Ballroom Luigi in the Ballroom Yes No
Hallway The Hallway of the Mezzanine. Yes No
Dressing Room The Mezzanine Dressing Room. Yes Yes
Storage Room The Storage Room in the Mezzanine No No
Restaurant Restaurant, Mezzanine, Luigi's Mansion 3 No Yes
Kitchen The Mezzanine Kitchen. Yes No
Entertainment Room The Entertainment Room in the Mezzanine. Yes No
Restroom Gooigi in the Restroom. Yes Yes

Gem locations[edit]

Gem Room Location
Gem Restroom (right) Luigi must open the stall on the right and suck up the newspaper to reveal a Gem Goob.
Gem Ballroom Luigi must vacuum the chandelier to reveal a hidden area where he will find the gem.
Gem Kitchen The gem is frozen in a block of ice in the left freezer. Holding it over the stove thaws it out.
Gem Dressing Room The gem is inside a safe on the left side of the room that can be opened using the Strobulb.
Gem Entertainment Room There is a shield and sword display on the right wall. Luigi must launch a sword at the dartboard to reveal the gem.
Gem Hallway (east wing) On each side of the door leading to the Restaurant, there are two propellers made of spoons and forks. Luigi and Gooigi must vacuum them to turn the blades and spawn the gem.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アッパーロビー
Appā Robī
Upper Lobby
Dutch Tussenetage Mezzanine
French Mezzanine Mezzanine
German Gastronomie & Unterhaltung Gastromony & Entertainment
Italian Mezzanino Mezzanine
Spanish (NOA) Mezanine Mezzanine
Spanish (NOE) Entresuelo Mezzanine