Paranormal Productions

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Paranormal Productions
LM3 Paranormal Productions.png
Floor 8
Boss Morty
Boo Booducer
“I'm a star!”
Luigi, Luigi's Mansion 3

Paranormal Productions is the movie studio-themed eighth floor of The Last Resort in Luigi's Mansion 3. It is accessible after obtaining the elevator button from Dr. Potter in the Garden Suites. When Luigi arrives here, the door that leads backstage is locked, so Luigi must go to the Studio Entrance and activate a TV, which he can use to warp to another TV in the Elevator Hall where he can get the key. Backstage, Luigi finds the ninth floor's elevator button being held by a director ghost named Morty, who is upset because his megaphone is missing.

There are four movie sets that Luigi can explore at this time. Each set has a TV that links to another one backstage when activated. Each set also has a camera which, when Luigi uses it, turns the area in front of the camera into a movie. If Gooigi in the area in front of the camera, he will become part of the movie. This mechanic is the core of the puzzles that Luigi and Gooigi must solve to return Morty's megaphone and get the elevator button. After obtaining the floor's elevator button, the cameras can no longer be used.

Once all four TVs are activated, Luigi needs to take a bucket to the Horror Set and place it in the well. With Gooigi by the well, Luigi must turn the camera on and wait for a human-like puppet to rise from the well with the bucket full of water. The bucket of water needs to be taken to the Castle Set. When the camera is turned on, a rock will be catapulted onto a cart, revealing a sprout that can be watered to reach the top of a tower, where Gooigi can obtain a torch. However, he is attacked by Goobs with swords and shields, and Luigi cannot end the movie until they are defeated. With the Goobs gone, Luigi can take the torch to the Fire Set. This set features a town that becomes ablaze when the camera is on. Firefighter Goobs and a Hammer with a siren on its head will appear, and they must be captured before the movie can end. Once that's done, the torch can be lit and taken to the Micro Set. This set has a cardboard box which turns large when the camera is on. Upon using the Suction Shot to open the box, a model of a giant spider comes out. Inside the box are multiple Gold Spiders and Morty's megaphone attached to a web. The web can be burned with the torch, allowing Luigi to take the megaphone back to Morty.

When Morty gets his megaphone back, he decides that he wants to Luigi to star in his latest movie. He opens the way to the City Set, a tiny model of a city that makes Luigi seem giant, then summons a Goob in a fire-breathing monster suit to fight Luigi, filming the entire thing. Once Luigi defeats the Goob, Morty finishes filming and gives Luigi the elevator button, then heads for the Editing Room. Optionally, Luigi can follow Morty into the editing room and capture him. If he leaves the floor and returns, however, he can run the film reel and watch the edited footage of his City Set fight. When Luigi tries to bring the button back to the elevator, Polterkitty steals it, forcing Luigi to chase her down to get it back.


Gem locations[edit]

Gem Room Location
LuigisMansion38FWhiteGem.jpg Fire Set Vacuuming the white cloth off the bicycle reveals a Gem Goob.
LuigisMansion38FRedGem.jpg Studio Entrance Luigi must use the Suction Shot to destroy a plant at the bottom-left corner of the room, then vacuum the carpet to reveal the gem.
LuigisMansion38FBlueGem.jpg Backstage Gooigi can raise Luigi to the rafters by turning the wheel on a lift. Luigi will find a gem frozen in a block of ice there. The ice can be melted at the Fire Set. If the cameras have ceased functioning, it can be melted by using the burning torch from the Castle Set.
LuigisMansion38FGreenGem.jpg Micro Set Inside a bottle next to the cardboard box which Gooigi can enter.
LuigisMansion38FPurpleGem.jpg Elevator Hall Obtained by vacuuming the helicopter until the gem comes out.
LuigisMansion38FYellowGem.jpg Studio Entrance Luigi can pull on the film reel in front of the reception desk to reveal the gem behind the desk. Gooigi can get behind the desk and retrieve it.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Studio de tournage Film set
German Filmstudio Film studio


  • The Horror Set is a reference to the 2002 horror film The Ring, with the puppet that comes out of the well very closely resembling Samara Morgan.
  • The blanket containing the Gem Goob in the basket of the bicycle in the Fire Set is a reference to ET the Extraterrestrial.
  • The Micro Set is a reference to the 1957 film The Incredible Shrinking Man, specifically the scene where Scott battles a spider.
  • One of the posters depicts Little Mac from Punch-Out!! with Doc Louis; removing it reveals a green boxing glove that can be launched at other objects. Both Punch-Out!! and Luigi's Mansion 3 are developed by Next Level Games.
  • After the wall has been destroyed in the Castle Set, the player can see soldiers battling in the background upon closer examination.
  • The battle in the City Set is a reference to kaiju films such as the Godzilla series and Pacific Rim, the latter of which one of the game's developers stated he was a big fan.[1]
  • The cutscene where Luigi first discovers the TV is a reference to the 1982 film Poltergeist.
    • Additionally, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon had a similar cutscene at the beginning of the game.


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