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The Backstage in Paranormal Productions
Floor Paranormal Productions

The Backstage is a room in Luigi's Mansion 3. It is found on the eighth floor of The Last Resort, Paranormal Productions. The blue gem can be found here.

It is a large room that connects many rooms in Paranormal Productions and is where Morty is first encountered. It can be first accessed from the Studio Entrance after unlocking its door. The Editing Room is just on the right, once Luigi walks in, the Horror Set, Castle Set, Fire Set, Micro Set, and the City Set can all be accessed from the backstage.

Upon first entering the room, Morty will be in the center of it sitting on his chair crying over the loss of his megaphone. Surrounding him, are four televisions. Activating anyone of them will send the player to any one of the sets (except for the City Set). Next to one of the televisions is a bucket; an item needed to help retrieve Morty's megaphone. After the player eventually does find Morty's megaphone and gives it to him, Morty will be very happy and open an entrance to a new room in front of him: the City Set.

On the right side of the room there are doors leading to the Horror Set and Castle Set. There’s a large yeti statue that has a destructible rug, a piggy bank and two black bins laying around it. Getting too close to the statue will cause it to forcefully pick the player up until eventually its head pops off revealing Polterpup and several items of monetary value. Also on the right, across from the yeti statue, is an invisible black bin that can be revealed using the Dark-Light Device.

On the left side of the room are doors leading to the Fire Set and Micro Set. There’s a buffet table that has a gold mouse hiding under its cloche, and further to the left is a smashable black container. In the back there’s a hydraulic lift that Luigi can stand. While Luigi is on the lift, Gooigi can spin its wheel with the Poltergust G-00 to elevate him until Luigi is high enough to step onto the grated supports near the ceiling that have an ice-encased gem on it. The ice can be melted off it by carrying it to any fire and then the gem can be collected.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Backstage -
Spanish Zona de rodaje Filming Zone