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Mall Lobby
The Mall Lobby in the Hotel Shops.
Floor Hotel Shops

The Mall Lobby is a location in Luigi's Mansion 3. It is found in the Hotel Shops on the third floor of The Last Resort. It is a lobby which holds four shops: Accessories, Barber Shop, Boutique, and Gift Shop, all of which are closed due to it being night. There is also a Coffee Shop. The first Hammer in the game is encountered and fought here. The green gem can be found on the second level of the lobby, while the red and yellow gems can be found in the Boutique and Accessories, respectively.

To unlock the rotating doors leading to the mall lobby, Luigi needs to get a key from the Restroom. Once he enters the lobby, he spots Kruller patrolling the area. He proceeds to investigate a vending machine, then enters the Security Office, dropping the diamond key needed to open the cash register in the Accessories. Gooigi must enter the Accessories, Boutique, Gift Shop, and Barber Shop in that order and open the cash registers to get the key leading to the next shop, as determined by the matching symbols. When Gooigi leaves the barber shop, he is melted by a sprinkler which is turned on. Then, when Luigi walks up to the second level of the mall lobby, the escalators begin to malfunction and speed up, sending him to the bottom. A Hammer then reveals itself and must be captured before Luigi can use the star key to unlock the door to the security office, where he fights Kruller.

To get the green gem, Luigi must use the Dark-Light Device to reveal a ladder near the Accessories, then climb up and walk to the right until he reaches a treasure chest which contains the gem.

If Luigi returns to the mall lobby later on, he sees two Goobs having coffee at the coffee shop. One of them drinks the coffee, having it go through him. The other proceeds to laugh at him, before having the same thing happen to him. They then notice Luigi and start to attack him.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Einkaufspassage Shopping Arcade
Italian Area relax Resting area/lobby