Room 508

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Room 508
Room 508 from Luigi's Mansion 3
Floor RIP Suites
Boss Chambrea

Room 508 is a hotel room in Luigi's Mansion 3. It is found on the 5th floor of the Last Resort, the RIP Suites. It is adjacent to the 507 Bathroom, the 508 Bathroom, and the 508 Balcony. This is the room where the boss fight with Chambrea starts.

When getting Professor E. Gadd's briefcase, Luigi is instructed to go into this room. When he does, he sees Chambrea dusting, she then sees the briefcase and picks it up. Luigi then accidentally closes the door which frightens Chambrea. She then eats the briefcase and goes into another room. Before exiting the room, three Goobs will come and surround Luigi.

This was the room Professor E. Gadd stayed in. There is a bed, a wardrobe, an armchair, a desk, and a huge suitcase in front of the window. There are also a bunch of gizmos and gadgets and books everywhere. There are two cases which Luigi can open up by using the Strobulb. Inside the one on the left are a few test tubes, one of them is yellow, if Luigi picks it up and breaks it a lot of money will come out. In the other case is money. There is a bump on the bed; if Luigi uses a briefcase and slams it on the bed, Bills will fly out. He can also find some bills inside the wardrobe, inside a pillow to the right of the bed, and inside the desk. There is a heart in the drawer on the right side of the bed.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Zimmer 508 Room 508
Italian Stanza 508 Room 508
Spanish (NOE) Habitación 508 Room 508