Restroom (The Great Stage)

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The Great Stage, Restroom.
Floor The Great Stage

The Restroom is a location in Luigi's Mansion 3. It is found on the fourth floor of The Last Resort, The Great Stage. The doors to the restrooms are found in the Elevator Hall, with the door on the left leading to the women's restroom and the door on the right leading to the men's restroom. The white gem can be found in the women's restroom, while the men's restroom connects to the Concession Stand.

In the women's restroom, there are two sinks, a dryer, and two stalls. Luigi can use the Dark-Light Device to reveal the missing faucet in the right sink. If Luigi tries to turn it, a Jewel Rausuto will pop out, and sucking it will result in getting the clear gem. There is also an invisible drain in the wall between the stalls and sinks Luigi can use the Dark-Light Device to reveal. He can use a Suction Shot to pull off the grate, then have Gooigi go through the drain to get more coins. Luigi can use a Suction Shot on the left stall door to reveal a tuba lodged in the toilet. He can blow the valve to overflow both toilets.

In the men's restroom, there are two sinks, a drain, and a toilet. There is a Boo statue in the southeast corner. There is a painting above the sinks that can be seen through the mirror Luigi can use the Dark-Light Device on to get coins. Gooigi can go through the drain as well as walk through the gate to the toilet. He is then able to yank the chain on the right, opening up the Boo statue. Luigi can then investigate the statue to end up in the concession stand.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Damentoilette
Women´s toilet
Men´s toilet
Italian Toilette
Spanish (NOE) Aseo