Gym Lobby

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Gym Lobby
Luigi and Polterpup hunt Polterkitty in the Gym Lobby.
Floor Fitness Center
Normal ghosts Goobs, Jewel Rausuto, Slinker, Polterkitty

The Gym Lobby is a location in Luigi's Mansion 3. It is found in the Fitness Center on the thirteenth floor of The Last Resort. It is west of the Elevator Hall, east of the Locker Room, and south of the Pool. The white gem can be found here.

When Luigi tries to use the door in the southwest corner leading to the Shower Room, he finds that it is locked and needs a key. Suddenly, a volleyball hits the window overlooking the pool, allowing Luigi to look through. Luigi sees Johnny Deepend in the pool, taunting him with an elevator button before picking up another volleyball floating in the water and throwing it right at him, causing him to flinch. This reveals Goobs and a Slinker now in the lobby, laughing at him. After Luigi takes care of the ghosts, he earns the key needed to unlock the door to the Shower Room.

There is another door in the northeast corner leading to the Pool - Back Access. In the east end, there is a large bronze disk on the wall, as well as magazines on a bench. Luigi can use a Suction Shot on the disk to pull it out, releasing many Bills. There is a bin next to the bench with a few treasures inside. There is a potted plant in the northeast corner, a check-in desk in the middle of the room, and a drinking fountain on the west side that can be activated with a Strobulb. In the northwest corner are drawers with towels and yoga mats, as well as a diffuser on top. Most importantly, Luigi can use a Suction Shot on the front of the desk to pull it out, releasing Coins and bags of bills.

Luigi can use the Dark-Light Device to reveal a bell on the desk. If he rings it and walks away, then returns and rings the bell the number of times it rung by itself, a Jewel Rausuto is revealed, which Luigi must defeat to get the white gem.

Luigi must return to this room when hunting down Polterkitty with Polterpup.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Vorraum
Italian Reception della palestra
Gym front desk
Spanish (NOE) Entrada al gimnasio
Gym Entrance