Elevator Hall (Tomb Suites)

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Elevator Hall
The Elevator Hall in the Tomb Suites.
Floor Tomb Suites
Normal ghosts Goobs, Hammers, Oozers

The Elevator Hall is a location in Luigi's Mansion 3. It is found in the Tomb Suites on the tenth floor of The Last Resort. It is south of the Sandy Grand Hall. The red gem can be found here.

The elevator arrow is in the shape of a pharaoh. There is a pressure plate in the center of the floor in this area in the shape of a triangle. If Luigi steps on it, it turns the pillars to reveal four venomous snake arrows which fire toward him. There is a torch on each side of the elevator. There are also potted plants near the torches. On the right side is a gong with a pile of towels. On the left side is a sofa with a pile of fruit in the southwest corner, with a Pearl underneath.

To the right are two tapestries with a sofa between them. Luigi can suck up the tapestry on the left to reveal two stacks of Coins and a Gold Bar in the wall. To the left is a vase containing a few more coins as well as a Heart. Luigi can suck up the tapestry on the right to reveal another tapestry displaying him, followed by a tapestry displaying two Goobs scaring Luigi. Once this tapestry is revealed, two Goobs appear in the elevator hall. After capturing the ghosts, Luigi can suck up the last tapestry to reveal a safe with a green light he can flash with the Strobulb to get treasures.

At the right end is the door to the Sandy Grand Hall, blocked by sand Luigi must clear away. There are also a few vases and a statue of a serpent. There is a gold chain behind the vase in the southeast corner. Either Luigi or Gooigi can pull the chain to open the serpent's mouth to reveal the red gem along with a group of bats.

Sometimes, if Luigi returns to the elevator hall from the Sandy Grand Hall, he will see two Goobs with a Hammer near the elevator, with an Oozer near the fruit.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Aufzugsbereich
Elevator Area
Italian Anticamera ascensore
Elevator lobby
Spanish (NOE) Pasillo del ascensor
Lift Corridor