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Gift Shop
The Gift Shop in the Hotel Shops.
Floor Hotel Shops

The Gift Shop is a location in Luigi's Mansion 3. It is found on the second level of the Hotel Shops. It is right of the Accessories and above the Boutique. This is the third shop Gooigi needs to explore. Due to there being bars in the door, only Gooigi can explore it.

After getting the spade key from the boutique, Gooigi needs to walk into the gift shop to get the club key from the cash register needed to open the register in the Barber Shop. Once he enters the gift shop, however, Spirit Balls appear and turn the cash register invisible, marking their first in-game appearance in Luigi's Mansion 3. Gooigi must use the Dark-Light Device to reveal the register, then get the key. As soon as he does so, however, a Goob with sunglasses reveals himself, and uses them to defend himself from the flash of the Strobulb. Gooigi can pull them off to stun him and suck him up, then deal with the other ghosts.

There are shelves in the gift shop. Some of the merchandise that can be seen are snow globes, Hammer mugs, Boo mugs, Boo backpacks, King Boo slippers, Goob plush toys, and Piranha Plant plush toys. There are Gold Bars on some of the shelves. There are also two stands near the cash register which hold sunglasses and postcards.

There is a secret entrance to the Coffee Shop in the northwest corner.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Andenkenladen
Souvenir Shop
Italian Souvenirs
Gift shop