Jewel Chamber

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Jewel Chamber
The Jewel Chamber of the Tomb Suites in Luigi's Mansion 3.
Floor Tomb Suites
Normal ghosts Golden Goob

The Jewel Chamber is a location in Luigi's Mansion 3. It is found in the Tomb Suites on the tenth floor of The Last Resort, located inside the pyramid. It is north of the Central Chamber. The blue gem can be found here.

When Luigi first enters the Jewel Chamber, it is simply a small room with a green, circular hole in the north wall. To the right is a vase as well as a few coins here and there. Luigi can break this vase with a Suction Shot to reveal treasure, as well as a spider. There is another vase in the southwest corner containing a heart and another spider. There is also a vase with sand spilled out of it. Breaking this vase gets Luigi a few coins and another heart. Buried in the sand is a glass orb with a faint green glow. Luigi must vacuum this orb into the Poltergust G-00, aim it at the hole in the north wall, and fire. The orb locks in place, lowering the wall to reveal a larger room.

When Luigi enters this room, the door behind him is blocked, trapping him inside. Then the holes in the chamber start spouting poisonous smoke, taking away 5 HP every few seconds until it is cleared. To stop the poison and complete the chamber, Luigi must find the six "jewels" buried in the sand and shoot them at the six holes in the north wall, corresponding colors and shapes. A few other treasures can be found in the sand as well. Some gems are also found in the sarcophagus, vases, or a treasure chest. Once all six jewels are found and have been placed in the holes, the poison stops, and the north wall splits to reveal a statue. Luigi must examine the statue to unblock the door to the Central Chamber and clear the Jewel Chamber.

There is a vase on each side of the statue. The one on the right contains a bit of treasure, including a pearl. The one on the left contains more treasure and a jewel shaped like an "X". Luigi should take this jewel into the smaller room and fire it at the "X"-shaped hole in the west wall. Doing this locks the jewel in place and raises the wall to reveal a sarcophagus and the blue gem. Luigi can open the sarcophagus to reveal some treasure as well as a mummy, which he can unravel to reveal a Golden Goob.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Juwelenkammer
Jewel Chamber
Italian Sala delle pietre preziose
Precious stones hall
Spanish (NOE) Cámara del tesoro
Treasure Chamber