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City Set
Floor Paranormal Productions

The City Set is a room in Luigi's Mansion 3. It is found on the eighth floor of The Last Resort, Paranormal Productions.

It is a tiny model of a city that makes Luigi giant. He battles with a Goob in a fire-breathing monster suit, while Morty films the entire movie. Luigi must deflect the blue energy powered fire balls by blowing it back to the Goob. The green fire ball requires both Luigi and Gooigi to blow it back. After the suit is destroyed, the ghost behaves like a regular Goob. Once Luigi defeats the Goob, Morty finishes filming and gives Luigi the elevator button, then heads for the Editing Room.


  • The battle in the City Set is a reference to kaiju films such as the Godzilla series and Pacific Rim, the latter of which one of the game's developers stated he was a big fan.[1]
  • The monster suit that Luigi battles resembles the titular monster of the 1985 film, Pulgasari.


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