Lounge (Master Suite)

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The Master Suite Lounge.
Floor Master Suite

The Lounge is a location in Luigi's Mansion 3. It is found on the fifteenth floor of The Last Resort, the Master Suite. It is a living room where the elevator is located. The green and purple gems can be found here.

When Luigi first enters the lounge, a video of Hellen Gravely appears on the projection screen. She reveals her plans to capture Luigi herself and give him as a gift to King Boo to win back his trust. She also reveals Mario's painting is hanging above her desk. After the video, Luigi gets a call on the Virtual Boo from Professor E. Gadd, telling him to find and defeat the hotel owner and rescue Mario.

There is a large projection screen on the north wall. There are also couches in the lounge with pillows. Two pillowcases are stuffed with Bills. To the right is a withered tree surrounded by sand. There is treasure buried in the sand. In the northwest corner of the living room area is a drain which takes Gooigi to the top of the elevator, where the purple gem can be collected.

In the northeast corner of the living room is a grate Luigi can pull off with a Suction Shot to reveal a drain Gooigi can go through to get to a hidden area with Gold Spiders and a large fan. There is a wanted poster of Luigi in the bottom left corner. There is an invisible bag of bills near the pipes. Gooigi must go through the pipe to get to a chain at the top he must pull to raise the projection screen in the lounge, revealing the doors leading to the Hallway.

There is an invisible vase opposite the left mirror with treasure inside Luigi can use the Dark-Light Device to reveal.

To get the green gem, Luigi and Gooigi must stand on the pressure plates near the couches to reveal a hidden compartment under the carpet holding the gem.

To get the purple gem, Gooigi needs to enter the drain in the northwest corner of the lounge to get to the top of the elevator, then fall down the alcove in back to get to the gem.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Lounge
Italian Foyer
Spanish Salón