Hotel Shops

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Hotel Shops
The Hotel Shops from Luigi's Mansion 3.
Floor 3
Boss Kruller
Boo Kung Boo

The Hotel Shops are an area in Luigi's Mansion 3. It is an indoor shopping mall located on the third floor of The Last Resort. This area can be accessed after Luigi recovers the third floor elevator button at the RIP Suites by defeating Chambrea. The shops in this area are a clothing store, a barber shop, a jewelry store, and a gift shop, all of which are closed at night. To the right are two restrooms, one of which contains the key to the revolving door. There is a cafe between the jewelry store and gift shop. A security office and a Lost and Found can also be found here.

When Luigi enters the shopping mall, he spots Kruller, a security guard ghost, patrolling the area. Kruller investigates a nearby vending machine, then enters his office, dropping a red diamond key. The symbols next to the shops, which include a diamond, a spade, a club, and a heart, indicate which shop Gooigi needs to explore next depending on which key he currently has. Once inside a shop, Gooigi must open the cash register to get the key for the next shop.

Once all four shops have been explored and Gooigi gets the star key, a Hammer appears and turns on a sprinkler which melts Gooigi and speeds up the escalators, sending them to the bottom floor. They must defeat the Hammer, then use the star key to enter Kruller's office. Kruller sees them and gets a water pistol from the Lost and Found. Gooigi must slip through the bars to get to Kruller. Once he is defeated, he drops the elevator button for the second floor.


Level 1[edit]

Level 2[edit]

Gem locations[edit]

Gem Room Location
Gem in Luigi's Mansion 3 Elevator Hall In the Mall Lobby, there is a small gate in front of the Gift Shop. Luigi must use a burst to open the gate, then head right until he reaches a hidden chest with treasure inside along with the gem.
Gem in Luigi's Mansion 3 Boutique In the store with the hearts on the front, Gooigi must use the Suction Shot on the leftmost mannequin to reveal a hidden exit. Through this door is another chest and another gem.
Gem in Luigi's Mansion 3 Hallway This gem is hidden in the vending machine near the security office. Luigi must simply flash the green panel with the Strobulb a few times until the gem pops out.
Gem in Luigi's Mansion 3 Mall Lobby (Level 2) To the left of the accessories store is an invisible ladder which Luigi must use the Dark-Light Device on. Then he must climb up and walk to the right until he reaches a chest, which contains the gem.
in Luigi's Mansion 3 Restroom In the men's restroom, Gooigi must use the Dark-Light Device on the floor of the men's restroom to reveal a grate, which he must drop through. He then needs to vacuum the valve to stop the water flow in the women's restroom preventing him from reaching the gem. Finally, he needs to walk through the grate in the wall in the men's restroom, then simply walk over to the gem.
Gem in Luigi's Mansion 3 Accessories Found in a glass case in the shop with the diamonds on the front. Gooigi must use the Suction Shot on a reinforced suitcase and throw it into the case, breaking the glass and allowing him to get the gem.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ショッピングフロア
Shoppingu Furoa
Shopping Floor
French (NOA) Boutiques de l'hôtel Hotel shops
French (NOE) Boutiques Shops
German Läden Shops
Italian Negozi dell'hotel Hotel shops
Spanish Tiendas del hotel Hotel Shops