The Last Resort

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The Last Resort
Ruler Hellen Gravely
Inhabitants Goobs, Hammers, Oozers, Slinkers, Trappers, Gem Goobs, Golden Goobs, Boos
First appearance Luigi's Mansion 3 (2019)
“Welcome to The Last Resort, home of the most memorable vacations ever had!”
Sign in the light hotel, Luigi's Mansion 3

The Last Resort is a hotel and the main setting of Luigi's Mansion 3. Luigi, Mario, Princess Peach, and three Toads are invited there for a vacation party by the hotel's owner, Hellen Gravely, unaware that the hotel is haunted and Hellen is working with King Boo to trap them all in paintings. Its name is derived from the phrase "last resort," which refers to an option one takes when nothing else works.

During Luigi's final battle with King Boo, the latter enlarged the portrait he intended to trap the former in, creating a magical vortex that threatened to draw in the Last Resort itself. Although Luigi defeated King Boo before he could carry out his plan, the strain the Boo king put on the hotel caused it to collapse, freeing all the spectral inhabitants that Luigi had captured. Afterwards, Professor E. Gadd, the Mario Bros., the Toads, Princess Peach, Gooigi, and the ghosts (friendly and no longer under King Boo's influence) attempt to rebuild the Last Resort. Like Luigi's NEW Mansion from the first game, the reconstructed building, in E. Gadd's image, will vary depending on the rank the player gets in the game's ending, determined by the amount of gold the game is finished with.


Bold boss ghosts indicate main bosses, who involve saving somebody afterwards. Also note that in-game, the floors are not visited sequentually.

Floor no. Name Picture Boss Ghost
B2 Boilerworks Clem
B1 Basement Steward
1 Grand Lobby None
2 Mezzanine Chef Soulfflé
3 Hotel Shops Kruller
4 The Great Stage Amadeus Wolfgeist
5 RIP Suites Chambrea
6 Castle MacFrights King MacFrights
7 Garden Suites Dr. Potter
8 Paranormal Productions Morty, along with a Goob in a Kaiju suit
9 Unnatural History Museum Ug
10 Tomb Suites Serpci
11 Twisted Suites Nikki, Lindsey & Ginny
12 The Spectral Catch Captain Fishook
13 Fitness Center Johnny Deepend
14 The Dance Hall DJ Phantasmagloria
15 Master Suite Hellen Gravely
R Rooftop King Boo

Ranks and gold required[edit]

  • Rank A: Finish the game with 70,000G or more. The hotel will be fully restored to its original glory, with four E. Gadd glasses-style windows befitting the transitional portions of the central turret as well as the very top.
  • Rank B: Finish the game with 30,000 to 70,000G. The hotel will be rebuilt to two-thirds of the original's size, including the first portion of the central turret, and will feature both the hair ornament on top and green circular objects resembling E. Gadd's glasses.
  • Rank C: Finish the game with 0 to 30,000G. The hotel will only be rebuilt up to the first five stories, with only a modest tower in the middle with an ornament resembling E. Gadd's tuft of hair.



  • A Japanese-language website and PDF brochure for the hotel was created as part of a marketing campaign for Luigi's Mansion 3.

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