DJ Phantasmagloria

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“At least DJ Phantasmagloria has a good attitude.”
Nintendo, Luigi's Mansion 3[1]
DJ Phantasmagloria
DJ Phantasmagloria concept art
Floor The Dance Hall
HP 450

DJ Phantasmagloria is the fifteenth boss encountered in Luigi's Mansion 3, encountered on The Dance Hall and holds the Master Suite's elevator button. Her name is a play on "phantasmagoria" and the female name "Gloria".


Phantasmagloria is an orange female ghost who has a red afro that conceals her short black hair and protects herself from the Strobulb, as well as red lipstick, purple earrings, blue bracelets, and headphones around her neck. She is dressed in a red shoulderless tank top with no sleeves and purple skirt.


She appears and startles Luigi with a loud noise from the speakers back-stage after luring him into a false sense of security with the apparently unguarded elevator button (which causes him to drop it in surprise as he gets knocked back off the front of the dance floor), and commands an octet of Goobs in hoodies to try to prevent Luigi from getting the button again.

After Luigi manages to suck in the owner of the button, Phantasmagloria intercepts the button and, after briefly removing her afro wig to expose her ghostly eyes to wink at him, confronts him personally using disco-style dance moves as well as vinyl records.


In the first phase of the battle, the player needs to fight an octet of hoodie-wearing Goobs, and specifically needs to choose the right Goob who has the button with a Burst, as otherwise the Goob will play keep away with the button and give it to another Goob. Professor E. Gadd, through the Virtual Boo, sometimes advises Luigi (and the player) to pay attention to their movements, later stating that it's "probably awkward to dance with it", which may indicate that the Goob who dances slightly out of sync has the button. After selecting the right one, the Goob with the button will throw it to another hoodie Goob and disappears. The remaining Goobs will do a spin attack before doing the worm, during which Luigi can again select another Goob with a Burst. If he takes too long, or he chooses too many wrong ones, the Goob will repeat hiding the button from the beginning. After finding the Goob correctly twice, the player only needs to suck up the Goob who has the button. The button will fire out of the Poltergust G-00, and DJ Phantasmagloria will catch it.

In the second phase of the battle, Phantasmagloria will attack by throwing vinyl records or otherwise doing a spin attack. The player needs to do a burst to knock her afro off, leaving her vulnerable to a flash and then suck her up. When defeated, she'll do some disco poses before allowing herself to be sucked in, with Luigi getting the Master Suite's elevator button.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アフロディージェ
Pun on "Aphrodite", as well as a combination of "afro" and "DJ"

Chinese 阿福羅DJ
āfúluó DJ
Afro DJ

Dutch DJ Fantasmagloria
Same as English
French DJ Phantasmagloria
Same as English
German DJ Fantasmagloria
Same as English
Italian DJ Fantasmagloria
Same as English
Korean 아프로 DJ
Apeuro Dijaei
Afro DJ

Spanish (NOA) DJ Fantasmagloria
Same as English
Spanish (NOE) Bailiau
From "bailar" (to dance)


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