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Kruller concept art
Floor Hotel Shops
HP 250

Kruller is the third boss encountered in Luigi's Mansion 3. He is encountered and fought in the Lost and Found of the Hotel Shops. His name is a pun on "cruller," a type of doughnut, as well as a reference to the stereotype of police officers enjoying doughnuts. Defeating Kruller rewards Luigi with the elevator button that grants access to the Mezzanine. It is possible to access the Mezzanine's kitchen prior to the fight with him, though Chef Soulfflé does not appear until after Luigi defeats Kruller to prevent sequence-breaking.


Kruller is an overweight purple ghost dressed in a dark blue security guard uniform with sunglasses, blue eyes and mouth, as well as short black hair hidden under his cap.


Luigi briefly witnesses Kruller as the latter is doing his patrols on the third floor. After hearing noises, Kruller panics and tries to investigate the commotion, only to discover a mouse inside a vending machine. Dismissing it, he then enters his office, although he accidentally drops a key (the first key to a puzzle that results in getting the key to his office) when entering it.

Luigi can look into the office and can see Kruller reading a book while playing around with the elevator button.

When Luigi enters the office afterward, Kruller briefly faints from shock at Luigi entering, before entering the next room to find a suitable weapon to defend himself (humorously getting stuck on his back mid-roll), ultimately getting a squirt gun.


Kruller in Luigi's Mansion 3
Kruller arming himself with a squirt gun.

Because Kruller is behind a barricade throughout his fight, the player has to fight him as Gooigi. Kruller's sunglasses protect him from the Strobulb. Gooigi must suck in his glasses before flashing at him again to stun him. Kruller also shoots squirts of water from his squirt gun at Gooigi; if any of them hit him, he dissolves, wasting time. Kruller will also attempt to move around the room and dodge by performing a barrel roll slowly, towards another corner of the room. In the final round, Kruller makes it more difficult to suck in his glasses. He can also charge his gun to shoot a long stream of water across the room. Upon being defeated, Kruller struggles to avoid being sucked in to no avail. Gooigi then retrieves the Mezzanine's elevator button, with it being humorously revealed that Luigi slept through the entire battle (as Luigi is unconscious while Gooigi is conscious, and vice versa). After defeating Kruller in two-player mode, Luigi, who was watching the battle from outside, takes all the credit saying that he did it, after which Gooigi humorously copies Luigi as he had actually defeated Kruller, causing an embarrassed Luigi to glance back at him.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴロリファット
From「ゴロゴロ」(gorogoro, onomatopoeia for rolling) or possibly「ごろり」(gorori, slumping), and English word "fat"
Chinese 葛洛利肥特
Transliterated from the Japanese name.「肥」also means "fat".
Dutch Benny Bang Pun on "ben niet bang" (Dutch phrase meaning "I am not afraid") and onomatopoeia "bang" (most likely because of the squirt gun he is always carrying)
French Virgile le vigile Virgile the watchman
German Werner Wachsam Werner Watchful
Italian Senti Nello Pun on "sentinella" (sentry) and the name "Nello"
Korean 데굴팻
From "데굴" (degul, onomatopoeia for rolling) and "fat"
Spanish (NOA) Vilicio
Spanish (NOE) Vigilio Pun on "vigilante" (watchman) and the name "Virgilio"


  • Kruller is one of the few bosses in a Super Mario game, besides tutorial bosses in the Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi series, where the player is unable to lose; they must fight him as Gooigi, and if Kruller hits Gooigi with his squirt gun, Luigi can simply spawn him again.
    • Additionally, Kruller is the only boss ghost that is fought with Gooigi only.
  • Kruller and Chambrea are the only boss ghosts in Luigi's Mansion 3 that are scared of Luigi and unwilling to fight him.