Tomb Suites

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Tomb Suites
The Tomb Suites, the tenth floor of The Last Resort in Luigi's Mansion 3.
Floor 10
Boss Serpci
Boo AnuBoo
The Sandy Grand Hall with the pyramid's entrance unlocked

The Tomb Suites is the tenth floor of The Last Resort in Luigi's Mansion 3. It is accessible after obtaining this floor's elevator button from Clem at the Boilerworks, and is a desert-themed floor similar to Old Clockworks from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

This floor features a large room that contains an artificial desert with a pyramid in the center. To enter the pyramid, Luigi has to examine the statue of the left side of the pyramid's entrance and fix the orientation of its snake-shaped staff, which opens the way in. Inside the pyramid, he opens a sarcophagus and finds Serpci sleeping in it. She wakes up, scaring Luigi, then opens a trap door, making him fall into a sandy pit with spiders and snakes. To get out, he has to vacuum the sand on the left to reveal a statue that opens a hidden passage. Sand starts pouring in, and he must blow the sand toward the exit to reach it. In the Hidden Passageway, Luigi encounters snake statues that shoot poisoned arrows. Gooigi is immune to the arrows, so must pull a chain that brings up a wall in front of the statues so Luigi can make it through. At the top of the Hidden Passageway, Luigi enters a sarcophagus that leads to the Central Chamber.

Inside the Central Chamber, Luigi gets attacked by a mummy. Luigi can use the Strobulb to make it run into a wall and unravel its tape, revealing a Goob. After catching it, Luigi must close the hole sand pit in the center by going into three chambers and escape from traps in each of them. In the Snake Chamber, he must activate a statue after using his burst technique to disarm three lasers that try to destroy the chains holding up the ceiling. In the Scale Chamber, he must solve weight puzzles before a spiked ceiling falls on him. In the Jewel Chamber, Luigi must launch differently-shaped jewels into the correct places to stop the room from filling with poison gas. Once the hole is closed, the Central Chamber will start filling with sand. After solving the second room and while the Central Chamber is filling with sand, Luigi will be attacked by ghosts.

Once the chamber fills up with sand, Luigi can enter the Secret Passageway, where the walls will try to close in on him. At the top, he can break an urn to reveal a torch he can use to burn the web blocking the way out. By matching the pose on the wall, Luigi makes it revolve, taking him back to the pyramid's entrance. Serpci lures Luigi outside of the pyramid, where he must fight her. She creates a giant sand sculpture of her head, and Luigi must vacuum the sand away to make her vulnerable. After capturing her, she drops the elevator button that leads to the eleventh floor, the Twisted Suites.


Level 1[edit]

Level 2[edit]

Level 3[edit]

  • Central Chamber
  • Secret Passageway

Level 4[edit]

Gem locations[edit]

Gem Room Location
Gem Central Chamber Using the Suction Shot on a sarcophagus next to the door to the Snake Chamber reveals a smaller sarcophagus, and opening that sarcophagus reveals an even smaller one. Eventually, Luigi will find a Gem Goob.
Gem Elevator Hall Near the snake statue on the far right hidden behind a vase, Luigi or Gooigi must pull the chain to open the snake's mouth while the other retrieves the gem.
Gem Jewel Chamber After disarming the poison trap, there is a pot to the left of the statue in the back with an X-shaped jewel in it. It must be launched into the wall on the left near the entrance to reveal the gem.
Gem Scale Chamber After clearing the room, Gooigi can drop through a grate to find a treasure chest containing the gem.
Gem Sandy Grand Hall Hidden beneath a pyramid-shaped sand dune to the left of the pyramid.
Gem Sandy Grand Hall In the southeast corner of the area with two missing segment, restoring the parts of the large stone snake with the Dark-Light Device causes the gem to come out of the snake's mouth.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デザートフロア
Dezāto Furoa
Desert Floor
French (NOA) Suites Tombale Tomb Suites
French (NOE) Suite pharaonique Pharaonic suite
German Pyramidia From Pyramide (pyramid)
Italian Sale egizie Egyptian halls
Spanish (NOA) Suites sepulcrales Sepulchral Suites
Spanish (NOE) Suites eternas Eternal Suites