Altar Chamber

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Altar Chamber
The Altar Chamber in the Tomb Suites
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The Altar Chamber is a location in Luigi's Mansion 3. It is found on the fourth level of the Tomb Suites, inside the pyramid. Serpci is first encountered here.

In the center of the Sandy Grand Hall, there is a set of stairs leading up to a large stone snake sculpture in the doorway, blocking the door to the Altar Chamber. There is a statue on each side of the door. Luigi must examine the statue on the left; when he pulls down her staff, her eyes glow, and the snake sculpture lifts up to reveal the door. Luigi is then able to enter the Altar Chamber.

In the center of the Altar Chamber is a tomb. When he opens it, he discovers Serpci sleeping. She quickly awakens and gets out to stretch, shortly before a hole opens beneath Luigi, dropping him all the way to the bottom of the pyramid. When he escapes the pyramid and gets back to the Altar Chamber through the Secret Passageway, he sees Serpci out of her tomb, mimicking the pose he made to escape the secret passageway. She then lures him out to the Sandy Grand Hall, where she is fought.

In the middle of the Altar Chamber is Serpci's tomb. There is initially sand around the tomb, hiding the hole Luigi falls through. In the southwest corner is a sofa with cushions hiding a green light Luigi can flash with the Strobulb to activate the palm leaves above him, blowing smoke at him. In the southeast corner are cushions and vases. There are coins and Gold Bars in the vases. There is a closet in the northwest corner Luigi can open to reveal a pile of sand with coins. Near the north wall is an altar with candles, stacks of coins, and a box containing coins and a pearl.

If Luigi returns to the Altar Chamber later on, he may see a Hammer in front of the tomb. There is also now a hole in front of the tomb Luigi can fall through to get back to the Central Chamber.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Sarkophagkammer Sarcophagus Chamber
Italian Sala funeraria Funeral hall
Spanish (NOE) Cámara del altar Altar Chamber