Main Observation Room

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Main Observation Room
Main Observation Room
Floor Master Suite
Boss Hellen Gravely

The Main Observation Room is a location in Luigi's Mansion 3, found in the Master Suite of the Last Resort. It is a security room that Hellen Gravely uses to spy on Luigi, especially after he rescues one of the three Toads from a portrait.

It is located in the farthest back corner of the Master Suite behind a King Boo shaped vault that Luigi must open by finding four keys in other rooms of the Master Suite. The room has a heavy security system of lasers like most rooms in the suite that Gravely uses to attack Luigi. There is a hidden room underneath the floor only Gooigi can access to disarm the colored laser grids, although, water periodically flows through this area to sabotage Gooigi's efforts. There is a door hidden behind the screens that gives Luigi access to the Rooftop where King Boo waits for him to engage in their final battle.

When Luigi opens the vault, Hellen Gravely angrily blames him for causing her to lose everything, unintentionally exposing her true face in the process. After reapplying her makeup, she turns the Main Observation Room into an arena and battles Luigi personally, with Luigi winning. Mario's painting, which was hanging above the room, then falls down to the ground, allowing Luigi to use the Dark-Light Device to rescue him. Once Mario is freed from his painting, the Mario Bros. hug and rejoice with each other. Mario then shows Luigi a door, which leads to the rooftop, hidden behind the screens. The Mario Bros. go there to rescue Princess Peach, also beginning the final battle between Luigi and King Boo.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Kontrollraum Control Room
Italian Sala d'osservazione Observation room
Spanish (NOE) Sala de vigilancia Surveillance Room