Hallway (Master Suite)

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The Hallway of the Master Suite in Luigi's Mansion 3
Floor Master Suite

The Hallway is a location in Luigi's Mansion 3. It is found in the Master Suite on the fifteenth floor of The Last Resort. It is located in between the Lounge and Main Observation Room.

The Library and the Master Bedroom is located on the left side of the hallway. The Drawing Room and the Master Bathroom is located on the right side of the hallway. There are piles of sand where Luigi can either suck and use burst to reveal a coin.

Each key Luigi collects he will be attacked by ghosts, and all of which must be defeated to proceed:

  • After the first key is collected, he will either be attacked by Oozers and a Hammer when he exits the Library, or mummies and snakes if he exits the Drawing Room.
  • After three keys are collected, he will either by attacked by Goobs, some with weapons and armor, or a horde of Mini Goobs and Mini Hammers and a Slinker.
  • After all keys are collected, he will be attacked by groups of Mini Goobs, Goobs, and a Hammer when he reaches the door to the Main Observation Room. He must defeat all of the ghosts while dodging lasers to proceed.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Corridoio
Spanish Pasillo