Exhibit Hall

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Exhibit Hall
An excellent image of the Exhibit Hall, Unnatural History Museum, Luigi's Mansion 3.
Floor Unnatural History Museum
Boss Ug

The Exhibit Hall is a location in Luigi's Mansion 3. It is found on the ninth floor of The Last Resort, the Unnatural History Museum. It is connected to the Elevator Hall, the only other room on this floor. Ug is fought here. The blue Toad's painting is also found here.

At the north end of the elevator hall is a curtain. Luigi and Gooigi must each pull one of the ropes to open the curtain, revealing the exhibit hall. As Luigi walks down the hall, lightning flashes and the Tyrannosaurus skeleton in the middle of the exhibit changes its pose with each flash. When Luigi uses the Dark-Light Device on the blue Toad's painting, the skeleton comes to life, swallows the painting, and starts attacking him. To defeat the skeleton, Luigi must fire bones scattered around the exhibit at its rib cage. After several times, it falls apart, revealing Ug. Luigi must defeat him and then use the Dark-Light Device on the painting to rescue the blue Toad, who he must then escort to the elevator.

Along with initially a Tyrannosaurus skeleton, there are also two Velociraptor skeletons, a Stegosaurus skeleton, and two Pteranodon skeletons holding eggs. There are bones scattered around the exhibits Luigi can use in place of the blue Toad to break the glass cases in the elevator hall. Luigi must destroy all eleven exhibits to get an achievement.

If Luigi returns to the exhibit hall later on, he might see Goobs, Hammers, and Slinkers staring through the glass. As he approaches, they disappear and reappear directly in the exhibit hall, and he must fight several ghosts, including Goobs, Hammers, Slinkers, Oozers, and Mini Hammers.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Dinosaurierhalle
Dinosaur Hall
Italian Sala espositiva
Exhibition hall
Spanish (NOE) Sala de exposiciones
Exhibition Room