Castle MacFrights

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Castle MacFrights
Screenshot of Luigi's Mansion 3 from E3 2019
Floor 6
Boss King MacFrights
Boo Boo-at-Arms

Castle MacFrights is the sixth floor of The Last Resort in Luigi's Mansion 3. It is accessible after capturing Amadeus Wolfgeist at The Great Stage and obtaining the sixth floor's elevator button. This floor has a medieval castle theme and prominently features suits of armor and traps such as spikes and swinging blades. Upon arriving here for the first time, Luigi nearly gets hit by a falling axe. In order to get through the Front Gate, Gooigi must walk through and pull the nearby rope to open it. After reaching the Coliseum Balcony, and a fanfare played by two trumpet-playing Goobs, Luigi is discovered by the castle's ruler and namesake, King MacFrights, who taunts him with the elevator button that leads to the seventh floor and dares Luigi to reach him.

On his way to the Coliseum, Luigi encounters Goobs with swords, Goobs with shields, tomato-throwing Oozers, Mini Hammers, and Mini Goobs. At one point, Luigi gets trapped in a dungeon cell with two spiked walls closing in on him. Gooigi must defeat the ghosts in the room and pull the rope that opens the cell door so Luigi can escape. Once he reaches the Coliseum, he is challenged to a battle by King MacFrights. He gets inside a suit of armor and rides around the arena trying to hit him with his lance. After slamming his armor enough, it breaks and he can capture the king, who drops the elevator button he was holding. With this, Luigi can access the seventh floor, the Garden Suites.


Level 3[edit]

Level 2[edit]

Level 1[edit]

Gem locations[edit]

Gem Room Location
Gem in Luigi's Mansion 3 Coliseum Balcony One of the suits of armor is holding a bag of popcorn with the gem in it. Luigi must capture King MacFrights before he can access it.
Gem in Luigi's Mansion 3 Hall of Armor Using the Dark-Light Device to reveal the missing suit of armor on the right then slamming it reveals the gem.
Gem in Luigi's Mansion 3 Cellar Luigi can use the Suction Shot to open the barrel on the right, which contains a hidden path to a ladder, which leads to the gem.
Gem in Luigi's Mansion 3 Royal Coffers Luigi needs to vacuum the rightmost tapestry of King MacFrights in the Coliseum Hallway, then use the Dark-Light Device to reveal a door. The door leads to the Royal Coffers, which contains the gem.
Gem in Luigi's Mansion 3 Armory Using the Suction Shot on the set of bricks in the middle that stands out reveals a treasure chest containing the gem.
Gem in Luigi's Mansion 3 Cage-Lift Room At the bottom of the room, the wall on the left has a fan that Luigi can blow exhaust on to lower a cage that contains the gem. After lowering the cage, Gooigi can walk through it and get the gem.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キャッスルフロア
Kyassuru Furoa
Castle Floor
French (NOA) Château MacEffroi Castle MacTerror
French (NOE) Suite médiévale Medieval suite
German Spukschloss Haunted Castle
Italian Maniero Misteryo Mystery Manor ("Misteryo" is a distortion of "Mistero", which means mystery)
Spanish (NOA) Castillo McAbro McAbre Castle, pun on macabro (macabre).
Spanish (NOE) Castillo miedieval Fearieval Castle, pun on miedo (fear) and "medieval"


  • Tomatoes are stored within many of the rooms in Castle MacFrights, referencing how people in Ancient Rome would throw tomatoes in the Colosseum if they did not like the performance.
  • Castle MacFrights resembles the real-life family dinner theater, Medieval Times.