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Chambrea concept art
Floor RIP Suites
HP 180

Chambrea is the second boss encountered in Luigi's Mansion 3. She is first seen at the Grand Lobby and is subsequently fought in various hotel rooms in RIP Suites after Luigi locates the room to retrieve a briefcase. Defeating Chambrea rewards Luigi with the elevator button that grants access to the Hotel Shops and allows Professor E. Gadd to supply Luigi with Gooigi. Her name is a play on "chambermaid."


Chambrea is a purple female ghost in a standard maid uniform and carries a hand duster.


She is first seen traversing the elevator area in the Grand Lobby, dusting various furniture and surfaces in the room.

When next seen during Luigi's time on the fifth floor, she is found in Room 508 and is still following her duty to clean and dust. She is distracted when she spots E. Gadd's briefcase and examines it with interest. Luigi, watching through the door, panics and steps inside with no heed to the door slamming shut. Chambrea turns around and is startled by Luigi's presence, tightly withholding the briefcase, before swallowing it and attempting to float through the wall into the next room, though she has trouble passing through due to the solid briefcase in her now enlarged stomach.

Luigi pursues and combats her in various rooms before eventually pulling the briefcase through the surface of her stomach and finally capturing her. In the gallery, she happily dusts her containment jar.


Chambrea will be hiding in a room she has entered, but can be quickly spotted and drawn from her hiding place. She has few offensive actions, as she will ram Luigi with her belly when she is not stunned or being sucked.

However, her most challenging aspect is her immunity to being outright captured by the Poltergust G-00, as she cannot lose health from suction. She will instead simply become stuck in the maw of the Poltergust due to the solid briefcase inside her belly, where she will laugh and harass Luigi with her duster until he releases her.

Though she is immune to suction, she is vulnerable to the Suction Shot. Luigi can stick a plunger to her stomach and pull the end of it, from where Luigi can slam her repeatedly around the room to reduce her health.

Once Chambrea's HP is depleted, the briefcase will be released from her stomach as she dramatically waves her duster until she is ultimately captured.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミスリー
Pun on the English title "miss" and possibly「ミステリー」(misuterī, mystery)

Chinese 李小姐
Lǐ Xiǎojiě
Miss Lee

Dutch Patricia Plumeau
"Plumeau" means "feather duster" in French
French Dominique la domestique
Dominique the maid
German Laura Zimmer
Pun on "zimmer" (room) and "zimmermädchen" (chambermaid); with English name "Laura"
Italian Colfantasma
Portmanteau of "colf" (cleaning lady) and "fantasma" (ghost)
Korean 메이드

Russian Карлотта
A reference to Carlotta from Disney's The Little Mermaid

Spanish (NOA) Camarilia
From "camarera" (maid) and the suffix "-ilia" that can be found at the end of various Spanish names
Spanish (NOE) Doncelia
Pun on "doncella de camara" (chambermaid) and the name "Celia"


  • Chambrea is the only ghost with an elevator button to not have the elevator button burst out of the Poltergust G-00, rather it just drops out of the nozzle into Luigi's hand.
  • Among the boss ghosts, Chambrea is the only one whose fight has no music playing in the background when the player tries to suck her up.
  • Chambrea and Kruller are the only boss ghosts in Luigi's Mansion 3 that are scared of Luigi and unwilling to fight him.