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Gold Mouse
Gold Mouse captured from Game Boy Horror
First appearance Luigi's Mansion (2001)
Latest appearance Luigi's Mansion (3DS) (2018)
Blue Mouse
Purple Mouse
This article is about the ghost enemy in Luigi's Mansion. For the rarer type of ambiance enemy in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, see Mouse.
“A golden ghost mouse found in hallways and near cheese.”
Gallery, Luigi's Mansion (Nintendo 3DS)

Gold Mice (alternately gold mice[1][2]) are mice ghosts that appear in Luigi's Mansion. They are similar to the Blue and Purple Mice, but are more prominent because they release treasure if vacuumed into the Poltergust 3000. In this regard, they are similar to Speedy Spirits, which are also hidden ghosts who release treasure. If defeated with an element, however, they do not relinquish any treasure.

Ten Gold Mice appear throughout the mansion, and appear in a location from either one of two conditions. Half of them emerge from a hidden cheese block if Luigi scans it with the Game Boy Horror, while the other five have a twenty percent chance of appearing in a predetermined room or hallway. When one appears, the "puzzle complete" jingle plays, followed by the mouse squeaking. Luigi must capture a Gold Mouse before it escapes into the wall. However unlike Speedy Spirits, Luigi has another opportunity at catching the Gold Mouse if he re-enters the location later, as long as the lights are not turned on.

Gold Mice release a variety of treasure, including coins, bills, Gold Bars, and even a Stone. Every Gold Mouse releases thirty Coins, ten more than the amount released by Speedy Spirits. In the PAL Hidden Mansion, each Gold Mouse relinquishes thirty Coins, twenty bills, a Gold Bar, and a Blue Diamond.



Room Cheese location Treasure
Study Behind the desk 30 coins, 10 bills and a Green Stone
Fortune-teller's Room Behind Madame Clairvoya's chair 30 coins, 10 bills and a Blue Stone
Dining Room Under the chair adjacent to Mr. Luggs 30 coins, 15 Bills and 2 Gold Bars
Tea Room Behind the left table 30 coins, 10 bills and a Red Stone
Safari Room Between the crates and the armchair 30 coins and 40 bills


Room Location Treasure
Hallway (1F) Spawns near the door to the Fortune-teller's Room 30 coins, 15 bills and 2 Gold Bars
Kitchen From the far left of the Room 30 coins, 10 bills and a Green Stone
Tea Room From the left of the room's door 30 coins, 10 bills and a Red Stone
Hallway (2F) Spawns at the end of the vertical hallway just before the Sparks. 30 coins, 10 bills and a Blue Stone
Sealed Room Spawns from next to the fireplace where Luigi falls down from. 30 coins and 40 bills

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴールドミミー
Gōrudo Mimī
「ミミー」comes from「耳」(mimi, ear) or「鼠」(nezumi, rat), and「ゴールド」means "gold"
French Souris d'or Gold Mouse
German Goldmaus Gold Mouse
Italian Topo dorato Golden mouse


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