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This article is about the ghost enemy in Luigi's Mansion. For the rarer type of ambiance enemy in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, see Mouse.
A Gold Mouse leaving its piece of cheese

Gold Mice[1] are apparitions of mice found in the game Luigi's Mansion. They come out when Luigi examines one of five pieces of cheese with his Game Boy Horror and then scurry around the room before escaping through the wall. Gold Mice also randomly appear in five predetermined rooms or hallways 20% of the time Luigi enters the room or hallway, for a total of ten mice in all throughout the mansion. If Luigi manages to suck one up before it escapes, a large amount of money will spray from the nozzle of the Poltergust 3000, which can include valuable treasures like Stones. In the PAL Hidden Mansion, all Gold Mice drop Silver Diamonds, but they do not drop any Stones. Unlike with Speedy Spirits, if Luigi fails to catch a Gold Mouse, he is given other opportunities to do so, such as re-scanning a piece of cheese after exiting and re-entering a room.


This is a list of the locations of each Gold Mouse in the game and the rewards earned for capturing them.

Within cheese pieces[edit]

Room Cheese location Treasure
Study Behind the desk 30 Coins, 10 Bills and a Green Jewel.
Fortune-Teller's Room Behind Madame Clairvoya's chair 30 Coins, 10 Bills and a Blue Jewel.
Dining Room Under the chair beside Mr. Luggs's chair, on the right. 30 Coins, 15 Bills and 2 Gold Bars.
Tea Room Behind the left table 30 Coins, 10 Bills and a Red Jewel.
Safari Room Between the crates and the armchair 30 Coins and 40 Bills.

Without cheese[edit]

Some of the Mice, though, are found in rooms (or hallways) without any cheese. When Luigi enters some specific rooms, a Gold Mouse has a 20% chance of appearing.

Room Treasure
Hallway on 1F (near the entrance of the Fortune-Teller's Room) 30 Coins, 15 Bills and 2 Gold Bars
Kitchen 30 Coins, 10 Bills and a Green Jewel.
Tea Room 30 Coins, 10 Bills and a Red Jewel.
Hallway on 2F (head down after exiting the Astral Hall) 30 Coins, 10 Bills and a Blue Jewel.
Sealed Room 30 Coins and 40 Bills.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴールドミミー
Gōrudo Mimī
Gold Mimi (mimi means ears, stems from nezumi meaning mouse)
French Souris d'or Gold Mouse



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