Clockwork Room

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Clockwork Room
LM Clockwork Room.png
Area Area Four
Portrait ghosts Clockwork Soldiers
Boo Booscaster
Luigi sucking up one of the Clockwork Soldiers in the Clockwork Room.
The Clockwork Room in the Nintendo 3DS remake.

The Clockwork Room is a room found in Area Four of Luigi's Mansion. This is where Luigi fights the Clockwork Soldiers. After Luigi defeats them, he proceeds to the Roof.


The Clockwork Room is a large room with many items. There are three clocks Luigi can shake to activate. Four chairs, two on each side of the room, are present, as well as a marionette on either side. The Clockwork Soldiers themselves stand in front of three small houses, the middle of which opens to reveal an elevator to the Roof.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese からくり部屋
Karakuri heya
Mechanism Room

French Atelier
German Uhrenzimmer
Clock room
Italian Stanza orologi
Clock room
Korean 장난감 방
jangnangam bang
Toy Room

Spanish La sala de los relojes
The clocks room


  • When Luigi activates the clocks in the rightmost corner of the room, they start playing the game's main theme.
  • The clocks in this room depict four o'clock (04:00 or 16:00).
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