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Luigi collecting Mario's Shoe in the game Luigi's Mansion.
Luigi obtains Mario's Shoe in Luigi's Mansion

Mario's Shoe is an accessory or an item used for various purposes in the Super Mario franchise.

In Luigi's Mansion, Mario's Shoe is one of the five items Luigi needs to take to Madame Clairvoya to find Mario. It is found in The Twins' Room during normal gameplay, and the Billiards Room in the Nintendo 3DS version's Hidden Mansion. Madame Clairvoya comments that the sole of Mario's Shoe is worn from being used excessively.[1]

In the Paper Mario series, Mario changes his shoes (called Boots) to a pair of either green or blue boots (called Super Boots) and then later to a pair of red boots (called Ultra Boots). The boots are more powerful than Mario's standard boots, and as such, they grant him extra abilities and increase the power of his jump attack.

In the Mario & Luigi series, the players can change the shoes that give them different abilities. See Clothing for more details.

A replica of Mario's shoes, referred to as Mario's boots on a social media post, was created in collaboration with Red Wing Shoes to promote The Super Mario Bros. Movie.[2] The boots were displayed at Nintendo New York.[3]


Luigi's Mansion (Nintendo 3DS)[edit]

  • In-game description: "The shoes Mario wears. They're worn out from all his adventures and have a familiar smell..."



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