Portrificationizer Chamber

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Portrificationizer Chamber
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Normal Ghosts (none)
Luigi and E. Gadd watch the portrait ghosts being made
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The Portrificationizer Chamber[1], also called the Ghost Portrificationizer Room[2], is a location housed in Professor E. Gadd's lab in Luigi's Mansion. This room houses the Ghost Portrificationizer. Luigi only comes to this room for the cutscenes after completing each section of the mansion, and never gets a chance to explore it freely. This room is also where the final cutscene takes place, where Mario is turned from his portrait self back to a human.


  • There is a door at the very right of the room. Although it cannot be entered, this door leads to the Gallery (according to the Game Boy Horror). Additionally, another door is at the start of the room, which leads to The Lab, but it is not visible.


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