Portrificationizer Chamber

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Portrificationizer Chamber
The Ghost Portrificationizer in Luigi's Mansion
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The Portrificationizer Chamber,[1] also called the Ghost Portrificationizer Room,[2] is a location housed in Professor E. Gadd's lab in Luigi's Mansion. The room was specifically designed to house the large Ghost Portrificationizer.

Luigi visits this room only after defeating an area boss in the mansion. Like in the Lab, Luigi cannot freely roam around the location. The final cutscene takes place in this room, which shows Mario being transformed from a painting into his normal self.



  • There is a door at the very right of the room. Although it cannot be entered, this door leads to the Gallery (according to the Game Boy Horror). Another door also appears at the start of the room, and it leads to the Lab, although it is not visible.


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