Clockwork Soldiers

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Clockwork Soldiers
Luigi's Mansion
Full name Clockwork Soldiers, the Toy Platoon
Age Unknown
Biography They once belonged to a tightly-wound toy collector, but now they march on their own without any winding.
Room Clockwork Room
HP 300 (100 each)
Heart quote The valve... The valve... (Green Soldier)
Squeak squeak (Blue Soldier)
Heyyyyy, stooooppp lookkkinnnggg at meeee! (Pink Soldier)
“Heyyyyy, stooooppp lookkkinnnggg at meeee!”
Pink Clockwork Soldier, Luigi's Mansion

The Clockwork Soldiers, the Toy Platoon, are a green, blue, and pink trio of portrait ghosts from Luigi's Mansion and its remake. They are a bunch of mechanical wind-up toys. Their portrait number in Professor E. Gadd's gallery is 15. The Clockwork Soldiers, along with Henry and Orville, are the only portrait ghosts in the game that are fought in a group, excluding The Floating Whirlindas, since they are both vacuumed up together at once. Altogether, the Clockwork Soldiers have 300 HP combined, thus making them have the second highest HP (as a portrait ghost) in the game, after King Boo, who has 500 HP.

Luigi's Mansion[edit]

The Clockwork Soldiers are found in the Clockwork Room on the third floor of the mansion. Luigi finds the Soldiers immobile. If Luigi starts the three clocks in the room, they awaken and begin attacking with their toy cork guns, dealing ten HP of damage. As they move around, Luigi captures each by sucking their wind-up keys with his Poltergust 3000. Only the blue Clockwork Soldier can give up pearls. After this, the playhouse's doors open, granting Luigi access to the Roof.

Physical appearance[edit]

The Clockwork Soldiers are made to look like marching drummers. They have teal faces with yellow hair and glowing green eyes. They are armed with popping cork guns and have winding keys in their backs. They wear marching clothes, with each having different colors: green, blue and pink, respectively.


Luigi's Mansion[edit]

Luigi's Mansion (Nintendo 3DS)[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パペット・アーミー
Papetto āmī
Puppet Army

French Les Soldats Mécaniques
The Mechanic Soldiers
German Aufziehsoldaten
Wind-up soldiers
Italian I Soldatini meccanici, il plotone giocattolo
The Mechanic Soldiers, the toy platoon
Spanish La guardia de los relojes, el pelotón de juguete
The watch guard, the toy squad


  • The Clockwork Soldiers, along with Spooky, are the only portrait ghosts in the game that have legs.
  • The Clockwork Soldiers, along with Madame Clairvoya and The Floating Whirlindas, are the only human-esque ghosts that have an unknown age in Luigi's Mansion.