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Neville, the bookish father, the first portrait ghost encountered.

A portrait ghost (sometimes capitalized[1]) or gallery ghost[2] is a ghost that was once a portrait in the game Luigi's Mansion.


According to Professor E. Gadd, the first twenty one portrait ghosts and Boolossus (No. 22)[3] were released from their paintings by Boos under the command of King Boo. Luigi has to vacuum up all of the portrait ghosts (except for a few "optional ghosts" like Mr. Luggs) using the Poltergust 3000. Captured portrait ghosts are returned to their paintings via the Ghost Portrificationizer. The frame and the style of the portraits change depending on how many pearls Luigi acquires during the battle with the ghosts.

Sepia tone pictures can be found in many rooms of the mansion. These pictures look similar to each ghost that inhabits the room they are in, suggesting these pictures may be depicting these ghosts when they were alive. Pictures resembling Neville, Lydia, Nana, Vincent Van Gore, Spooky, Chauncey, Mr. Whirlinda, Slim Bankshot, Henry and Orville, and Sue Pea can be seen in the Parlor, Study, Nursery, Ball Room, Billiards Room, Twins' Room, and Guest Room.

All of the portraits were given new designs in the Nintendo 3DS remake.

List of portrait ghosts[edit]

Area One[edit]

Area Two[edit]

Note: Although Luigi first meets Madame Clairvoya in Area Two, he captures her after he begins Area Three.

Area Three[edit]

Area Four[edit]


Luigi's Mansion[edit]

  • Instruction booklet description: "I collected famous ghosts from all over the world and turned them into paintings, but those darn Boos went and turned them all back into ghosts again! You've got to catch those ghosts so I can turn them back into paintings."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 絵画オバケ
Kaiga obake
Painting ghost
French (NOA) Fantôme du portrait Ghost of the portrait
French (NOE) Fantôme de portrait Portrait ghost
German Gemäldegeister Painting ghost
Italian Fantasma ritratto Portrait ghost
Spanish (NOA) Espíritu de lo cuadro Spirit of the painting
Spanish (NOE) Espíritu de cuadro Painting spirit



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