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His face does not look ready for Captain Fishook.”
Nintendo, Luigi's Mansion 3[1]
Captain Fishook
Captain Fishook concept art
Floor The Spectral Catch
HP 300

Captain Fishook is the thirteenth boss encountered in Luigi's Mansion 3. He is a shark-like pirate ghost encountered at The Spectral Catch that guards both the Fitness Center's elevator button and the yellow Toad's portrait. He is one of three non-humanoid bosses in the game, the others being Polterkitty and King Boo.


Captain Fishook is a shark-like ghost wearing an eye patch which obscures the empty socket of his left eye where the Fitness Center's elevator button is situated, with his "good eye" being red. He has a golden ring on his dorsal fin, his right fin is replaced with a hook-like scythe and he appears to have a golden tooth.


Captain Fishook appears shortly after Luigi comes aboard his ship, swimming up on the side behind him. After leaping aboard, he reveals the Fitness Center's elevator button in his left eye socket before possessing part of the ship's deck, warping it into a semblance of his own visage.


Fishook starts by possessing the deck of his ship, and at certain intervals he opens his mouth and rushes across the deck to Luigi's position attempting to pull Luigi into his mouth, which causes 5 HP damage at a time. This attack can be avoided by swerving out of the way at the last second, and Fishook goes back to his stationary position. To harm him, Oozers that cannot be sucked up throw powder keg bombs from above (intending to hit Luigi). To force Fishook out of the deck, Luigi must push three powder kegs into his open mouth as he attacks, forcing him out, causing the Oozers to disappear. After being expelled, Fishook has two attacks; he lunges with his hook in some radius around him; this attack is easier to avoid. For his other attack, he rises up and then lunges fast with his hook, ramming it at Luigi. If the attack is avoided, Fishook is then trapped with the hook in the deck. Luigi needs to specifically time his Strobulb flash so that it affects Fishook's right eye (as his left eye has an eye patch), giving Luigi the chance to attack. Fishook's health is always reduced by 100 HP, even if it was reduced more than it.

When his HP is reduced to 100, Fishook changes tactics and possess his ship's quarterdeck (incidentally, where the Toad's portrait is), raising the ship ninety degrees backwards in an effort to drop Luigi into his gaping maw. Luigi must use the Suction Shot on a board with a bullseye icon near the ship's bow to avoid the attack. Once the ship is level once more, the Oozers begin throwing powder keg bombs from above Fishook in groups of four while the boss intermittently opens and closes his mouth; Luigi must fire six powder keg bombs into Fishook's mouth to force him into the open. After taking three hits from the powder kegs, Fishook tilts the ship again, with the board now moving left and right to make it a harder target.

After being exposed for the final time, Fishook gains an attack where he jets through the deck of the ship trying to bite Luigi; this can be dodged by bursting. Upon defeating him, he struggles to flee only to be forced in downward as Luigi mimes reeling in a fishing rod. Upon Fishook's defeat, Luigi obtains the thirteenth elevator button before Polterpup lowers a ladder to the top of the quarterdeck, which Luigi can climb to find a pile of coins and release the yellow Toad from his portrait.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キャプテンフッカ
Kyaputen Fukka
Pun on "Captain Hook" and「鱶」(fuka, large shark)
Chinese 虎卡船長
Hǔkǎ Chuánzhǎng
Same as Japanese
Dutch Kapitein Vishaak Captain Fishook
French (NOE) Capitaine Dents-de-scie Capitain Sawtooth
German Käpten Fischhaken Captain Fishook
Italian Capitan Spiritato Captain Possessed
Korean 캡틴 후커
Kaeptin Hukeo
From the Japanese name
Spanish (NOA) Capitán Escualo Captain Sharply
Spanish (NOE) Escualopalo Meaning "Sharklystick"


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