Lethal Slinker

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Lethal Slinker
LM3 Lethal Slinker.jpg
First appearance Luigi's Mansion 3 (version 1.3.1) (2020)
Variant of Slinker
Lethal Goob
Lethal Hammer
Lethal Oozer

Lethal Slinkers are a rare variety of Slinkers appearing in ScareScraper mode in Luigi's Mansion 3, added in version 1.3.1. They are red and black, glowing Slinkers that do almost twice as much damage than their normal counterparts.. They have 300 HP, more than double that of a regular Slinker. They are defeated the same way as normal Slinkers.

Lethal Goobs, a rare variety of Goobs, Lethal Hammers, a rare variety of Hammers, and Lethal Oozers, a rare variety of Oozers were also added in version 1.3.1.