Hellen Gravely

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Hellen Gravely
LM3 Hellen Gravely artwork.png
Species Ghost
First appearance Luigi's Mansion 3 (2019)
“Guests! Welcome to The Last Resort! My name is Hellen Gravely, and I am the owner of this hotel. I am absolutely delighted that you decided to accept my invitation. You all must be very tired. Come! Allow me to show you to your rooms. Oh, no need to worry about your luggage! Our exceptional staff will take care of it for you... Ha ha ha... You're our VIPs, after all! We've prepared a first-rate experience for you. All the trappings of luxury! Shall we get going? Mario, Luigi, and Peach's rooms are over here. We've prepared rooms for you Toads as well! I hope you enjoy your stay! I daresay you'll remember it for the rest of your lives! Ha ha ha...”
Hellen Gravely, Luigi's Mansion 3

Hellen Gravely is the owner of The Last Resort and one of the main antagonists in Luigi's Mansion 3. Her name is likely a reference to "Hell" and "graves." She owns a ghost cat named Polterkitty, and has a tendency to assume a haglike, disheveled form when upset, which she is greatly embarrassed about and suppresses using makeup.


Hellen Gravely is a tall, slender woman with purple skin, blue hair in a beehive style, and yellow eyes. Being a ghost, she is transparent and glows. She has the face of a somewhat aging woman, with visible creases near her lips and thin, dark blue eyebrows, though she does wear makeup, notably red lipstick, purple eyeshadow, and black eyelashes, as well as a good deal of jewelry, namely her necklace with a silver, hexagonal charm, and a similarly shaped purple glowing jewel embedded in it. She also wears two circular earrings that are also silver with jewels in them, as well as a pearl bracelet on her left wrist. She has a sleeveless white dress with a long, blue fur boa and no upper back that tapers near the bottom, before flaying out into a circle shape as it rests on the ground. It has a window on the chest shaped like the jewel in King Boo's crown, as well as a diagonal dark blue stripe below the waist, beneath which the dress becomes a lighter blue.

In the beginning of the game, she, like Steward, Chambrea, and the Goobs, does not glow, and has opaque skin, however instead of wearing a mask like the others, she instead wears black-framed shades with gold reflective lenses. When confronting Luigi to introduce him to King Boo in the 5th Floor (RIP suites), she additionally wears an open magenta cape covering her back, with a large collar, which ties together just above the gem on her necklace.

In the prelude to her boss battle in the Master Suite (15th Floor), she reveals that her makeup, referred to as GheistPaint brand in the Guide, is actually a powder that masks her true appearance, which shows as she gets enraged before her battle. Her true form is much more bony, as she has very defined cheekbones, a larger, sharper chin that sticks forward more, a furrowed brow that has a more defined "socket" as her eyes are set in more, showing shadows underneath them, as well as having a larger, crooked nose. Her eyes turn red, and her hair gets messy, with the once solid, flowing shapes being replaced by smaller bangs the flay out in random directions, and have blocky spirals at the end instead of being straightened. Her dress is also messier, with more visible wrinkles, and the bottom of the dress being torn into somewhat neat triangles, showing some of her ghostly tail underneath.


Hellen Gravely is a huge admirer of King Boo and her reasons for trapping Luigi and his allies was to convince him she could be a big help to his plans, becoming sad when he dejected after many failed attempts of the ghosts of the hotel to capture Luigi. She speaks in a calm and smooth tone most of the time, with the only exceptions being when she is in her true appearance. She has shown to be manipulative, by disguising herself and her employees as innocent hotel workers and passing off the Last Resort as a luxurious golden paradise. She's also shown to be very obsessed and intolerant to failure, as seen when Luigi succeeded in rescuing one of the Toads, she immediately scolded her staff to stop him, getting more infuriated for Luigi's luck in succeeding since her main desire is to trap him to get King Boo's appreciation on her, stopping at nothing to achieve her goal of impressing him.

Aside from King Boo, she also adores her ghost pet Polterkitty, as seen in one of the cutscenes where she rests on Hellen's lap and the latter caresses her, going as far as expressing her fury when Luigi captured her. Hellen also likes maintaining her beautiful appearance using makeup and becomes angered and afraid whenever her true appearance is revealed as seen when she reapplied makeup after her breakdown at Luigi in her office, who was terrified at her true form. Despite treating her staff poorly for their failure, Hellen cares about running her hotel business and becomes infuriated at Luigi when he captured the remaining of her staff, practically leaving her without nothing to make the hotel run again.


Tricking Professor E. Gadd into coming to her hotel, Gravely released E. Gadd's collection of ghosts (including King Boo, whom she is infatuated with), leaving the professor to be captured inside a painting. She later invites Luigi, Mario, Princess Peach, and three Toads to her resort, with the intention of having them captured as well - while skeptical of the plan, King Boo made preparations regardless. When meeting Luigi’s vacation party, Hellen wears sunglasses and hides her semi-transparent aura in order to disguise her true nature as a ghost, similar to the other ghosts wearing masks to disguise themselves. She welcomes the group to her hotel and escorts them to their rooms on the fifth floor, planning to ambush them in the night so King Boo could trap them in portraits.

After Hellen successfully captures Mario, Peach, and the Toads, she returns to the fifth floor shortly to Luigi reintroduce him to King Boo. She watches with admiration as King Boo tries to imprison Luigi in a painting, only for him to narrowly escape down a laundry chute leading to the basement, where he finds the Poltergust G-00. Throughout Luigi's adventure, Hellen watches his progress from the Main Observation Room on the fifteenth floor, growing increasingly frustrated with her staff's inability to capture Luigi. By the time Luigi defeats Captain Fishook in The Spectral Catch and rescues the third Toad, Hellen finds herself confronted by a disappointed King Boo; despite her efforts to placate him, she is quickly brushed off as King Boo takes one of the two remaining portraits to the hotel's roof without saying a word.

When Luigi reaches the Master Suite, Hellen confronts him over a large monitor, revealing that she has Mario's painting in her private office. While clearly upset with Luigi's progress, she comments that his presence here gives her the chance to personally defeat him and present him to King Boo, hopefully restoring his trust in her capabilities and she also congratulates him in making it up to the top though makes it clear that he hadn’t won yet. She then continued monitoring Luigi from her office, leaving him to contend with her remaining ghost minions and her high-tech security measures as he sought the keys to open the path to her.

When Luigi finally reaches her, she angrily blames him for her losing everything, unintentionally exposing her true face in the process. After reapplying her makeup, she turns her office into an arena and battles Luigi personally. She is ultimately defeated and captured in the Poltergust G-00, sharing a capsule with Polterkitty. She is last seen during the credits, admiring a captured and frustrated King Boo from her own capsule.


Hellen Gravely
LM3 Hellen Gravely artwork.png
Floor Master Suite
HP 600

Hellen Gravely fights primarily with a laser-emitting pillar in the center of her arena. Initially, she retreats from the room and appears on the monitors along the back wall, laughing at Luigi while the pillar sweeps the room with red laser beams. Depending on whether there is one laser or three, Luigi may or may not be able to Burst over them; in the latter case, he should stay close to the pillar in order to cover ground more efficiently. Later in the battle, the pillar may release three lasers on both sides of itself.

After the laser attacks, Hellen will cause the pillar to project four colored energy barriers (green, orange, purple, and yellow) in a cross formation before it begins slowly rotating. Using the pipes and grates at the edges of the room, Luigi can send Gooigi into a lower floor to deactivate the barriers by pressing the color-coded switches. Hellen herself will float around the room, occasionally reversing the direction of the barriers' rotation; when enough barriers are deactivated or Luigi gets too close to her, she will attempt to hit Luigi with her mirror. If she fails, it will become stuck in the ground, leaving her vulnerable to the Strobulb. After stunning her, Luigi can then vacuum her, though if any of the barriers are still active, running into one will cause her to break free. If Luigi takes too long to deal a significant amount of damage to her, she will go back behind the monitors and do another laser cycle, reactivating the barriers afterward.

After taking enough damage, Hellen retreats to the background, reapplying her makeup before resuming her attack pattern at a greater intensity. The red lasers move faster and more erratically, with three and even six-laser configurations becoming more common. When the colored barriers activate, Hellen will occasionally attempt to hinder Gooigi's sabotage efforts by flooding parts of the lower level with water; this is telegraphed by blue squares flashing over the affected areas and tap graphics appearing on some of the monitors. She also becomes more aggressive against Luigi, attacking when one or two barriers are deactivated; in her final phase, she'll start attacking the moment she returns to the arena.

When her HP is fully depleted, Hellen will struggle against the Poltergust's suction before abruptly stopping and signalling Luigi to wait a moment. She then applies her makeup one last time before being sucked into the vacuum. Luigi can then use the Dark-Light Device on Mario's portrait to free his brother and access the Rooftop where King Boo is.


Luigi's Mansion 3[edit]

In-game bios[edit]

  • Light hotel: "The owner of The Last Resort hotel, Hellen Gravely invited Luigi and his friends to her hotel with the purpose of generous hospitality."
  • Dark hotel: "The owner of The Last Resort hotel, Hellen Gravely invited Luigi and his friends to her hotel for her idol, King Boo. Her true form is shrouded in mystery."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パウダネス・コナー[1]
Paudanesu Konā
"Paudanesu" is derived from "powder", while "Konā" is derived from 「粉」 (kona) which means "powder", referencing her use of makeup to hide her true appearance.
Spanish (NOA) Ceres Panteau "Espanto" means "fright" in Spanish.
Spanish (NOE) Vilma du Tel "Vil" means "vile" or "despicable" in Spanish, and "Du Tel" sounds similar to "Hotel". It might also be a reference to Velma Dinkley from Scooby Doo, who is called Vilma in the Spanish translations, and to Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians, to whom she bears a physical resemblance.
French Ambre Brusquade[2] Pun on "embuscade" (ambush, trap) and "brusque" (blunt, abrupt)
Dutch Cassie Weyle Pun on "kassiewijle", a slang word which means "dead" or "gone"
German Sarah Schreck[3] "Schreck" is German for "fright," and may be a reference to Max Schreck, who played Count Orlock in the German film Nosferatu
Italian Malberta Crisantemi "Malberta" is a portmanteau of "male" (evil) and "Alberta"; "Crisantemi" refers to the chrysantemum, a flower used in Europe to commemorate the deads in All Souls' Day
Korean 파우더네스 코너
Paudeoneseu Koneo
Transliterated from the Japanese name
Chinese (Simplified) 贾素妍
"贾素妍" has the same pronunciation as "假素颜"(Jiǎsùyán) which means "Fake nature face". "贾" is also a Chinese surname.
Chinese (Traditional) 賈素妍
"賈素妍" has the same pronunciation as "假素顏"(Jiǎsùyán) which means "Fake nature face". "賈" is also a Chinese surname.


  • Her large beehive hairstyle with a white stripe may be a reference to The Bride of Frankenstein, while the tapering of her dress may be a reference to Morticia Addams of The Addams Family.
  • The file name for Hellen's image on the official website for Luigi's Mansion 3 misspells her name as "Hallen Gravely".[4]