Uncle Grimmly

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Uncle Grimmly
Luigi's Mansion
Full name Uncle Grimmly, Hermit of the Darkness (GameCube) / The hermit of the darkness (3DS)
Age 45
Biography Adrift in the darkness, he tends to keep to himself, which suits the rest of the family just fine.
Room Wardrobe Room
HP 100
Heart quote Nobody will find me because I'm old, cranky and, by gum, people are afraid of me!

Uncle Grimmly is a forty-five-year-old portrait ghost in Luigi's Mansion and its Nintendo 3DS remake. He has pale blue skin, an oval head, small yellow eyes, and jowls. He has a brown coat with two opal buttons, a dark purple necktie and a boutonniere on the left side. Uncle Grimmly loves mirrors. Uncle Grimmly's portrait number in Professor E. Gadd's gallery is 20.

Uncle Grimmly appears only during the blackout, and he is the only portrait ghost with this distinction. In an optional phone call in the Telephone Room, Luigi can learn from Professor E. Gadd that Uncle Grimmly holds the key to the Breaker Room and that he prefers to reside in rooms with mirrors; this is meant to hint to the Wardrobe Room, where Uncle Grimmly is found hovering in front of a mirror. Upon seeing Luigi, Uncle Grimmly tries to scare Luigi by lifting up his hand and wailing, leaving him vulnerable to Luigi's flashlight. Once Uncle Grimmly is sucked into the Poltergust 3000, Luigi can obtain the key to the Breaker Room, which had presumably been locked by Uncle Grimmly, and enter it.

Uncle Grimmly is thought to speak in a northern English dialect, since he uses the phrase "by gum" in his heart quote.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヤミノフ
From「闇」(yami, darkness) and the typical Russian name ending "-нов" (-nov), and/or possibly「夫」(fu, the on'yomi reading of "man")

French Oncle Grimly
Uncle Grimly
German Onkel Bitterlich, Finsterer Einsiedler
Uncle Bitterly, Sinister hermit
Italian Zio Fosco, eremità delle tenebre
Uncle Gloom, hermit of the darkness
Spanish Tío Tristán, el ermitaño de la oscuridad
Uncle Tristan, Hermit of the Darkness. The name Tristán was probably chosen as a pun on "triste" (sad)