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The "family member ghosts," are they related? HK

Like the twins, the mom, the dad, the uncle, the baby? HK

Neville, Lydia, Chauncey, and Henry & Orville are in the same area on the second floor, west wing. Since Grimmly's family likes him to keep to himself, there's a chance all six are related, the first five for sure. Wayoshi 11:47, 21 July 2006 (EDT)
I know that Neville (dad) and Lydia (mom) are married, and the Twins and Chauncey (the baby) are their kids. That's all I know for sure but Uncle Grimmly is probably related. -- Son of Suns
Nana may also be a relative. She is described as "grandmother" in the Player's Guide. -- Son of Suns

Should there be a ghost family template? Probobly not....HK

Probably not. Too many templates clutter the pages. We've been going template crazy all of a sudden...we have to take it easy. --Son of Suns

Yeah..... HK

I think Grimmly is Neville's Brother. Now I Haven't Played in a long time so correct me if I'm wrong. They Bothe become invisible when Luigi Looks at them and your chance to suck them up is when they are distracted (A.K.A. Yawningor doing a really wimpy pose.) User: Mecha-Boss Unit


Has anyone notice that Sir Grims a Lot (that's what I call Uncle Grimmly)'s face on the bronze portrait looks like Luigi from the beta Game Over? Kirby kart

Speaking of appearance, this may not be noteworthy, and there may be a chance this is coincidental, but to me Uncle Grimmly bears a striking resemblance to Alfred Hitchcock. Does anyone else agree (and before you say this belongs on the forum, I'm just asking if this is worthy for Trivia). Magikrazy (talk)