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I am Octodadgameface.jpg Kirby kart (talk) Luigi, and I haven't been active on here for about two years. I'm back, though, and I plan on continuing to help this wiki grow.

Favorite game

Luigi's Mansion boxart

Luigi's Mansion (GC)

Favorite Mario character


Favorite Nintendo character


Favorite Mario Party game

Mario Party 2

Favorite Mario Kart game

Mario Kart 8

About Me

  • I have two medals on Luigi's Mansion 2.
  • I have met the real Charles Martinet at a Comic-Con.
  • The first Mario Party game I played was Mario Party 7, and my first MP minigames was Track & Yield.
  • I own Luigi's Mansion 2, but not the first one.
  • My Wii U GamePad is broken. GamePad