Fortune-teller's Room

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Fortune-teller's Room
Fortune-teller's Room from Luigi's Mansion
Area Area Three
Portrait ghosts Madame Clairvoya
Boo Booigi
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The Fortune-teller's Room is a room first discovered in Area Two of Luigi's Mansion. However, it cannot be cleared until Area Three.

When Luigi first enters the Fortune-teller's Room, he finds a lone crystal ball in the center of the room. When he shines his flashlight on the crystal ball, the ghost Madame Clairvoya materializes. She explains to him that she can help him if he brings her five items that Mario dropped. Luigi has none of these items, so he simply lights the candelabras to obtain the Key to the Laundry Room. When Luigi brings her items, she gives him clues as to Mario's fate. After Luigi brings all five items to her, he captures Madame Clairvoya and gains the Key to the Safari Room.


The Fortune-teller's Room contains four candelabra, two of which are on high stands. The other two rest on small drawers in the back of the room. There is also the high pillar where Luigi receives the Laundry Room Key. The main focus of the room is Madame Clairvoya's ornately decorated gold chair, along with her equally ornately decorated table, on which her crystal ball sits. Behind Madame Clairvoya's chair is a Gold Mouse-inducing piece of cheese, which, like other pieces of cheese, only appears when the room is darkened.

Ghosts in the Fortune-teller's Room[edit]

Ghosts in the Fortune-teller's Room during the blackout[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 占い部屋
Fortune-telling Room
French Salle de Voyance Clairvoyance Room
German Stube der Seherin Room of Visionary
Italian Stanza della veggente Room of the Seer
Spanish El cuarto de la vidente The Visionary's Room