Parlor (Luigi's Mansion)

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Luigi getting the key to the Anteroom
Area Area One
Normal Ghosts Gold Ghosts
Boo Bamboo
The Parlor in the Nintendo 3DS remake

The Parlor (known as Living room in a pre-release version)[1] is the second room Luigi visits in the game Luigi's Mansion. At the beginning of the game, a Gold Ghost drops the key to the Parlor in the main part of the Foyer. When Luigi enters the Parlor, a Gold Ghost attacks him, but Professor E. Gadd comes and rescues him with his Poltergust 3000. E. Gadd teaches Luigi how to use the Poltergust. When Luigi blows out all of the candles in the room with his Poltergust 3000 and makes the Parlor dark, the paintings in the room will come to life and let loose several ghosts. After he defeats them, he gains the key to the Anteroom.


Name Count
Gold Ghost 3 (Mansion)
1 (PAL Hidden Mansion)
5 (blackout)
Purple Puncher 1 (PAL Hidden Mansion)
Blue Twirler 1 (PAL Hidden Mansion)
AnteroomBalcony (2F)FoyerFoyerMaster Bedroom (Luigi's Mansion)NurseryParlorStudyWardrobe RoomBall RoomBathroom (1F)BoneyardButler's RoomConservatoryDining RoomGraveyardHidden RoomKitchenLaundry RoomMirror RoomStorage RoomWashroom (1F)Astral HallBalcony (3F)Bathroom (2F)Billiards RoomBottom of the WellCourtyardFortune-Teller's RoomNana's RoomObservatoryProjection RoomRec RoomSafari RoomTea RoomThe Twins' RoomWashroom (2F)ArmoryThe Artist's StudioBreaker RoomCellarCeramics StudioClockwork RoomCold StorageGuest RoomPipe RoomRoofSealed RoomSecret AltarSitting RoomTelephone Room
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 居間
Living Room
French Salon Lounge
German Salon Lounge
Italian Salone Lounge
Spanish El salón The lounge