Butler's Room

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Butler's Room
The Butler's Room in Luigi's Mansion
Area Area Two
Normal ghosts Blue Mice
Portrait ghosts Shivers
Boo PeekaBoo
The Butler's Room in the Nintendo 3DS remake.
The Butler's Room in the Nintendo 3DS remake.
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The Butler's Room is a room found in Area Two of Luigi's Mansion.

After Luigi lights Shivers' candles, Luigi follows the ghost back to his room. When Shivers accidentally burns himself with his own candles, Luigi sucks him up with his Poltergust 3000. This causes the Key to the Conservatory to appear.


The Butler's Room has many items within its confines. A large tool cabinet is in the northwest corner, and continuing south along the wall, there is an ironing board and a small bucket. In the exact center of the room is a table with three stools. A sewing machine and an ironing board are north and south of the table, respectively. Along the east wall is a bucket of water, a stack of toilet paper, and a mouse hole. One of these objects holds a jewel. The mouse hole leads to the Hidden Room when Luigi inspects it with the Game Boy Horror.

Ghosts in the Butler's Room[edit]

  • Shivers (100 HP)
  • Blue Mice

Ghosts in the Butler's Room in the PAL Hidden Mansion[edit]

Ghosts in the Butler's Room during the blackout[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 休憩室
Break Room
French Chambre du majordome Butler's room
German Dienerstube Butler room
Italian Stanza del maggiordomo Butler's room
Spanish El cuarto del mayordomo