Mirror (object)

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The Storage Room mirror revealed a hidden switch to the player in Luigi's Mansion

Mirrors are objects that appear in Luigi's Mansion. If Luigi examines a mirror with his Game Boy Horror, he will be warped to the Foyer, the main entrance of Luigi's Mansion. Every mirror in the mansion, except the room-length mirror in the Mirror Room, functions the same way. Additionally, if Luigi examines the Foyer mirror, he will simply warp to the same place.

These mirrors can be used as shortcuts or escape routes when necessary instead of walking through the entire mansion. The mirror is the only way to exit the Sealed Room, as the door is boarded up and Luigi cannot climb up the chimney, which is the entrance to the room.


  • Unlike other games, where hints about certain features are provided by characters or signs, in Luigi's Mansion, the player is never informed that the mirrors can be used to warp to the Foyer. The only way for a player to figure this out is to have Luigi experiment with the Game Boy Horror and accidentally examine a mirror.