Mr. Luggs

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Mr. Luggs
Luigi's Mansion
Full name Mr. Luggs, the Glutton
Age 30
Biography He prefers all-you-can-eat buffets to three meals a day. He ate himself to death but still wasn't satisfied.
Room Dining Room
HP 100
Heart quote No one can see me in this darkness! No one no one no one noooooooooo-one!

It's so bright here. Everyone can see me eat! ...I don't care, I'll just keep eating! (3DS only, after lighting the candles)

Mr. Luggs, the Glutton is a thirty-year-old portrait ghost that was released from his canvas prison by King Boo immediately prior to the events of Luigi's Mansion. Mr. Luggs is an obese ghost, and as stated in his bio he even ate himself to death. However, even in death, Luggs is not satisfied, and spends his afterlife eating food in the Dining Room of Luigi's Mansion. Visually, Mr. Luggs may be a reference to Mr. Creosote, a character from Monty Python's The Meaning of Life, who was also an incredibly obese man who literally ate himself to death. Luigi can just walk by Mr. Luggs as he is eating and skip capturing him. If Luigi captures Luggs, Luigi is rewarded with money in a treasure chest. Mr. Luggs is the first optional portrait ghost in the game. His portrait number in Professor E. Gadd's gallery is 11.


Luigi's Mansion[edit]

If Luigi chooses to capture Mr. Luggs, he uses a Fire Elemental Ghost to light the candles on the table. After lighting all the candles, Mr. Luggs and his dinner become visible. To make Mr. Luggs vulnerable, Luigi needs to suck up Mr. Luggs' food with his Poltergust 3000. Two Waiters attempt to resupply Mr. Luggs with more food. Once they are sucked in, his meal can not be refilled. Mr. Luggs becomes enraged and attacks Luigi by spewing fifteen fireballs at him. Each fireball deals ten HP of damage and briefly lights Luigi on fire. After spewing fifteen fireballs, Mr. Luggs quickly tires out, rendering him vulnerable to the Poltergust. If Luigi does not capture Mr. Luggs in time, Mr. Luggs gets back up and breathes five more fireballs before tiring again.

After capturing Mr. Luggs, the lights turn on in the Dining Room and a green treasure chest appears. The chest contains two Gold Bars, a Blue Diamond, and other smaller treasures.

Super Mario-kun[edit]

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Mr. Luggs appears in volume 28 of Super Mario-kun in the Luigi's Mansion arc and serves as a spoiled man. When Luigi and Toad encounter him, he orders them to give him food. Luigi does and almost gives Toad to him, but does not due to Toad dismaying. Luigi and Toad give Mr. Luggs all the food they have, even Mario's hat, but Mr. Luggs still is not satisfied. Luigi gets annoyed and sucks Mr. Luggs up.

Mario Kart: Double Dash!![edit]

Mr. Luggs' sprite from Mario Kart: Double Dash!. In spite of the frame color, this portrait is identical to his silver frame.
Frame in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

In Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, Mr. Luggs' silver frame appears on the walls of the Luigi's Mansion battle course. This was removed when the course returned as a classic course in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Physical appearance[edit]

Mr. Luggs has deep purple skin, small yellow eyes, a patch of blue-gray hair, and an extra-wide, slobbery mouth covered in what can only be slops from his last meal. He wears a dark red sweater around his balloon-like body, and has a dirty napkin tied around his neck. Some of Mr. Luggs' frames show him with a knife and fork, even though he eats with his hands when he is not captured.


According to his description, Mr. Luggs prefers buffets as opposed to three meals a day. His actions show that he is a sloppy eater with an insatiable appetite, and he does not like anyone interrupting his meal. This is shown when the player vacuums up the meal on the plate, as he will get angry and attack them.


Luigi's Mansion[edit]

Luigi's Mansion (Nintendo 3DS)[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ター・ハン
Tā Han
Corruption of「炒飯」(chāhan, Japanese rice dish); likely incorporating「太」(ta, the on'yomi reading of "plump")
French M. Miam, Le Glouton Mr. Yumyum, The Gluton
German Herr Scheunendrescher, Gourmand. Mr. Glutton, Gourmand. (from German idiom "Wie ein Scheunendrescher essen", meaning "to eat like a horse")
Italian Sig. Golosi, l'ingordo Mr. Gluttons, the greedy/gourmand
Spanish Don Ramón, el glotón Mr. Ramón, the Gourmand. "Ramón" is a typical Spanish name. Don Ramón is one of the main characters in the Mexican TV show El Chavo del Ocho.


  • Gobbers in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon are similar to Mr. Luggs as they are both significantly overweight and use projectile attacks. Additionally, in the ScareScraper, if a Gobber appears, two Greenies holding food appear alongside it, similar to the two Waiters giving food to Mr. Luggs.
  • If Luigi captures a ghost in the hallway in front of dining room, sometimes Mr. Luggs' voice can be heard from the other side. This can only be triggered if the player has not unlocked the door to his room or if he is not captured yet.