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The Boneyard from Luigi's Mansion.
Area Area Two
Normal ghosts Mr. Bones
Portrait ghosts Spooky
The Boneyard in the Nintendo 3DS remake of Luigi's Mansion.
The Boneyard in the Nintendo 3DS remake
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The Boneyard is one of the few locations of Luigi's Mansion located outside of it in the game of the same name. It is first accessed and cleared in Area Two.

The area has a doghouse in which Spooky sleeps inside of. When Luigi approaches Spooky, it starts barking and chases him around the Boneyard. A Mr. Bones gets irritated by the noise and rises out from the ground. Luigi must suck it inside of his Poltergust 3000 and afterward do the same to Spooky. After Luigi captures both of them, the Boneyard lights up.

There are sparkles inside of Spooky's doghouse. If Luigi investigates them with his Game Boy Horror, it summons a small gust of wind, which, if Luigi walks toward, sucks him into the Graveyard.

The Boneyard also has a patch of dirt with a large bean in it. If Luigi waters it, the bean sprouts into a small plant. After Luigi captures Bogmire, the bean grows and produces a bud. If Luigi waters it again, the bud grows and blooms into a gigantic flower. When he defeats Boolossus, the flower becomes a seed pod. Luigi may then water it a final time to make it open, revealing the rare Gold Diamond. With it are 2 Gold Bars, 20 Bills, and 30 Coins. If Luigi does not water the flower after defeating either boss, the plant withers and dies.

Three Temper Terrors are in the Boneyard during the mansion blackout.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 裏の空き地
Ura no akichi
Empty back lot

French Ossuaire
German Letzte Ruhestätte
Final Resting Place
Italian Ossario
Spanish El patio
The backyard