Courtyard (Luigi's Mansion)

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Luigi passing through the Courtyard.
Area Area Three
Normal ghosts Flying Fish; Ceiling Surprises; Purple Bombers

The Courtyard is an area behind Luigi's Mansion, visited as the first room of Area Three during the events of Luigi's Mansion.

Luigi enters the Courtyard after defeating Bogmire. When he first enters, Flying Fish and (despite there being no ceilings) Ceiling Surprises and Purple Bombers attack him. After Luigi captures them, the lights turn on, although this is optional and only gives Luigi a chest with money. However, the 3DS version's Hidden Mansion makes this mandatory in order to find Mario's Glove. A Toad is nearby in an old cabin. This Toad saves Luigi's progress and tells him to go to the Bottom of the Well. On the way, Luigi inspects a birdhouse, which spits out Mario's Letter. In the 3DS version's hidden mansion, however, Mario's Letter is absent, being moved to the Twin's Room.

The Courtyard has many crooked dead trees spread throughout it. Then (from left to right) there is a statue that looks like Slim Bankshot, a large fountain with plants surrounding it (the plants can be watered for money and hearts), a well, a birdhouse, an old cabin, and another statue. When Luigi approaches the well, one can hear Mario saying "Hey, Luigi! What's the hold-up?" very faintly.

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 裏庭
French Cour Courtyard
German Garten Courtyard/Garden
Italian Cortile Courtyard
Spanish El jardín Garden/Courtyard


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