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This article is about a room in Luigi's Mansion. For the Comet Observatory in Super Mario Galaxy, see Comet Observatory.
Area Area Three
The path leading to Mario's Star.

The Observatory is a room in Area Three of Luigi's Mansion.

After exiting the Astral Hall, Luigi enters the Observatory. He looks through a telescope and sees the Moon. After Luigi looks away, the walls fade away, allowing Luigi to enter a small balcony. Luigi sucks up a Shining Ghost and shoots it at the Moon, allowing him to get Mario's Star.


Luigi needing a Shining Ghost to progress

The telescope is the only real object in the Observatory, apart from a small dresser with a globe on top near the door.

Names in other languages[edit]

AnteroomBalcony (2F)FoyerFoyerMaster BedroomNurseryParlorStudyWardrobe RoomBall RoomBathroom (1F)BoneyardButler's RoomConservatoryDining RoomGraveyardHidden RoomKitchenLaundry RoomMirror RoomStorage RoomWashroom (1F)Astral HallBalcony (3F)Bathroom (2F)Billiards RoomBottom of the WellCourtyardFortune-Teller's RoomNana's RoomObservatoryProjection RoomRec RoomSafari RoomTea RoomThe Twins' RoomWashroom (2F)ArmoryThe Artist's StudioBreaker RoomCellarCeramics StudioClockwork RoomCold StorageGuest RoomPipe RoomRoofSealed RoomSecret AltarSitting RoomTelephone Room
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Language Name Meaning
Japanese 幻想の部屋
Gensō no heya
Room of Illusion
French Observatoire Observatory


  • By using any Element, Luigi can see that "space" does not extend forever. By shooting an Elemental Blast at the far wall, the blast will eventually hit the back wall.
  • When Luigi enters the "space" area, his icon on the Game Boy Horror's map will move beyond the mansion's walls, eventually becoming only visible when the map is turned.