Mario's Painting

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Mario's Painting
Artwork of Mario trapped in his portrait for Luigi's Mansion for Nintendo 3DS.
Artwork of Mario's Painting from Luigi's Mansion (Nintendo 3DS)
First appearance Luigi's Mansion (2001)
Latest appearance Luigi's Mansion 2 HD (2024)
“Get me outta heeeeere!”
Mario, Luigi's Mansion

Mario's Painting[1] is an object in the Luigi's Mansion series. It is a painting with Mario enclosed inside it, and in every appearance, King Boo owns it until Luigi captures him at the end.

Mario's Painting first appears in Luigi's Mansion, also returning in its Nintendo 3DS version. King Boo sends Mario and Luigi an invitation to Luigi's new house. Mario arrives first in an attempt to welcome Luigi, only to be caught by Boos while walking in. King Boo traps Mario in the painting and rests in the Storage Room until Luigi releases him and the other Boos. Upon being released, King Boo watched over Mario in the Secret Altar, hoping no one rescues Mario and hoping to trap Luigi as well. Upon Luigi's arrival at the altar, King Boo turns Mario into Bowser, which inhales Luigi inside. After Luigi captures King Boo, he escapes the painting, grabs Mario, and heads to the lab. Using the Ghost Portrificationizer, he reverts Mario to normal (but in a rather comical yet painful overwhelming way); afterwards, Mario is left very dizzy while Luigi laughs very tearfully that Mario is safe.

In Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and its Nintendo Switch remaster, after destroying the Dark Moon, King Boo captures Mario once more, but he puts him in a "still-image" painting instead, so he would not listen to Mario crying for help. Mario remains this way until Luigi reverts him by using the Dark-Light Device, after which Mario thanks him and proudly calls him "number one." Throughout the game, the Security Images show part of Mario's Painting in a sack guarded by Boos. In the Haunted Towers (B-4) and Secret Mine (D-2), his shoes are seen, and in the Old Clockworks (3-Boss), his hat is seen. The Treacherous Mansion exposes Mario's full painting (E-3).

In Luigi's Mansion 3, King Boo traps Mario in a painting again, along with Princess Peach and the Toads. Mario's painting is found before the final battle with King Boo, and Luigi must free Mario by using the Dark-Light Device.



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