Garden Suites

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Garden Suites
Screenshot of Luigi's Mansion 3 from E3 2019
Floor 7
Boss Dr. Potter
Boo Bootanist

The Garden Suites is the seventh floor of the The Last Resort in Luigi's Mansion 3. It is accessible after obtaining this floor's elevator button from King MacFrights in his domain. It is a plant-themed area similar to the Haunted Towers from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and appears to be an otherwise normal floor aside from it being overgrown with plants, featuring flowers that dispense treasure when flashed with the Strobulb. When Luigi enters the Atrium, he finds the elevator button that leads to the eighth floor on a stand. After he grabs it, a gardener ghost named Dr. Potter pours water onto a sprout, which grows into a carnivorous plant. Luigi gets startled and accidentally drops the elevator button, which lands in the plant's mouth. Dr. Potter waters the plant again, causing it to grow giant, then disappears. This forces Luigi to ascend to the top of the Atrium in order to retrieve the elevator button.

Dr. Potter sets various traps in order to impede Luigi's progress. He waters branches to make them grow and destroy parts of the stairs, forcing Luigi to swing on vines and go through other rooms to continue. He also waters pineapple plants, which causes them to lob large pineapples down the steps. At one point, Luigi heads into the Thorny Bathroom in order to get rid of a thorny vine that blocks his path. When he tries to leave the room, he gets trapped inside and encounters a Slinker for the first time. After capturing it, a Hammer appears. The Hammer has leaves on its face, and they need to be vacuumed off before it can be stunned. After the Hammer is defeated, Luigi can leave the room. In the Ivy Suite, Luigi has to use a buzzsaw to cut some branches blocking the door to the Ivy Bathroom. When he tries to go through the door, he get grabbed by a vine. Gooigi must use the buzzsaw to cut the vine and free him.

When Luigi finally reaches the top, he and Gooigi need to open the plant's mouth to get the elevator button out. Luigi and the button both fall to the bottom of the Atrium, where Dr. Potter uses a smaller carnivorous plant in a pot to retrieve the button. As Dr. Potter is captured, he throws the elevator button onto the tree and lets the sprinkler out of the Poltergust G-00. Luigi must give the water to the Ladder Vine, and climb above the tree. He can get the button back and access Paranormal Productions.

Later in the game, Luigi returns to this floor while chasing Polterkitty, who has stolen the elevator button needed to access the Unnatural History Museum, found in Paranormal Productions.

There are two rooms, one each on the third and fourth levels, that appear on the map that are inaccessible for exploration and therefore aren't officially named. Given their placement adjacent to the Thorny Bathroom and Mushroom Suite, respectively, they are likely the Thorny Suite and the Mushroom Bathroom.


Level 1[edit]

Name Image Gem availability Boo availability
Elevator Hall The Elevator Hall in the Garden Suites Yes No
Atrium The Atrium in the Garden Suites Yes No

Level 2[edit]

Name Image Gem availability Boo availability
Atrium The Atrium in the Garden Suites Yes No
Blooming Suite The Blooming Suite in the Garden Suites Yes Yes
Blooming Bathroom The Blooming Bathroom in the Garden Suites Yes No

Level 3[edit]

Name Image Gem availability Boo availability
Atrium The Atrium in the Garden Suites Yes No
Thorny Bathroom The Thorny Bathroom in the Garden Suites No Yes
Ivy Suite The Ivy Suite in the Garden Suites No No
Ivy Bathroom The Ivy Bathroom in the Garden Suites Yes Yes

Level 4[edit]

Name Image Gem availability Boo availability
Atrium The Atrium in the Garden Suites Yes No
Mushroom Suite The Mushroom Suite in the Garden Suites Yes No

Gem locations[edit]

Gem Room Location
Gem in Luigi's Mansion 3 Ivy Bathroom There is a missing grate in front of the toilet that can be revealed with the Dark-Light Device. Gooigi needs to go through the grate and restore part of a drain pipe. Luigi must then use the Poltergust G-00 to turn the bathtub water on. This will water a flower that Gooigi can open with the Strobulb, revealing the gem.
Gem in Luigi's Mansion 3 Blooming Suite Luigi must vacuum some leaves at the bottom-right corner of the room and use the Suction Shot on a stand to reveal a pipe. Gooigi can go through the pipe to get on top of the bed and find the gem inside a flower.
Gem in Luigi's Mansion 3 Atrium At the top of the giant carnivorous plant, Luigi needs to vacuum on the left to unfold a large leaf, then vacuum some leaves on the back wall to reveal a path that goes behind the window, leading to the gem.
Gem Mushroom Suite There are some vines on the bed which can be walked on to access an area beneath the floor. At the back of this area is a pipe that Gooigi can go through to reach a flower containing the gem.
Gem in Luigi's Mansion 3 Blooming Bathroom Luigi must vacuum the pile of rose petals next to the toilet to reveal a grate. Gooigi needs to drop through the grate and vacuum some leaves in the upper-right corner to reveal a pipe that leads into the bathtub. The gem is under one of the rose petal piles in the tub.
Gem Elevator Hall There are three paintings in a row. Using the Dark-Light Device below the painting on the right reveals the gem.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese グリーンフロア
Gurīn Furoa
Green Floor

Dutch Tuinkamers
Garden rooms
French (NOA) Suites Jardin
Garden Suites
French (NOE) Suite champêtre
Rustic suite
German Ökohaus
Eco House
Italian Camere botaniche
Botanical rooms
Spanish (NOA) Suites botánicas
Botanical Suites
Spanish (NOE) Zona botánica
Botanical Zone