Ivy Suite

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Ivy Suite
The Ivy Suite in the Garden Suites
Floor Garden Suites

The Ivy Suite is a location in Luigi's Mansion 3. It is on the third level of the seventh floor of The Last Resort, Garden Suites. It is south of the Ivy Bathroom, and east of the Atrium.

The Ivy Suite is a bedroom that is covered in grass, branches, and other overgrown plants. There is a bed, a couch, a wardrobe, and a painting of coins next to the wardrobe which Luigi can get by using the Dark Light Device. The door to the Ivy Bathroom is on the northern wall, but it is blocked by a bunch of branches. Next to the bed is a table made of planks with a chainsaw on top. The chainsaw will turn on if Luigi flashes it with the Strobulb. Luigi can then use the chainsaw to destroy anything in the room. Next to the door is a bush which if destroyed, reveals a pipe that Gooigi can go through. Doing so will reveal a bunch of coins. In the southwestern corner of the room is a mini shelf that Luigi can destroy. If he does that and then uses the Dark Light Device on that spot, another pipe will be revealed and this time when Gooigi goes inside, a bunch of Gold Bars will pop out. If Luigi destroys the bed, a treasure chest that was on top of the bed will fall down. Inside it is a bunch of coins and a pearl. To get to the next room Luigi must use the chainsaw to destroy the branches blocking the doorway to the Ivy Bathroom. Once Luigi tries to enter the Ivy Bathroom, a vine will grab Luigi and start hurting him. Luigi must send Gooigi to grab the chainsaw and cut the vine, so that Luigi would be able to continue.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Efeu-Zimmer
Ivy Room
Italian Camera rampicante
Vine bedroom
Spanish (NOE) Suite hiedra
Ivy Suite