Elevator Hall (The Spectral Catch)

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Elevator Hall
The Elevator Hall of The Spectral Catch in Luigi's Mansion 3.
Floor The Spectral Catch

The Elevator Hall is a location in Luigi's Mansion 3. It is found in The Spectral Catch on the twelfth floor of The Last Resort, located south of the Grotto Lounge. The yellow and blue gems can be found here.

When Luigi initially visits the Elevator Hall, his progress is halted by the bow of a boat blocking access to the Grotto Lounge. When Luigi peers inside the "hull" of the boat's bow, E. Gadd calls him back to the Lab to find a Toad who had been looking for the Super Suction component at the Boilerworks. After returning to The Spectral Catch, Luigi must use the Super Suction on the boat's bow to gain access to the Grotto Lounge.

Both of the gems in this room require the Super Suction to obtain. For the blue gem, the Super Suction must be used on the floorboards near the desk, revealing a dotted path to an "X", which Luigi can Burst for the gem to appear. To obtain the yellow gem, the Super Suction must be used on the left side of the Grotto Lounge door to reveal a pipe that Gooigi can enter, allowing him to take a globe at the desk to hit a hanging ball on the east side of the room.

There is also a miniature pool of water near the elevator door; if Luigi uses the Dark-Light Device on it, he will reveal a toy boat. Rocking it back and forth long enough will cause a Golden Goob to appear.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Aufzugsbereich
Elevator Area
Italian Anticamera ascensore
Elevator lobby
Spanish (NOE) Pasillo del ascensor
Lift Corridor